Modern Warfare – Wii vs 360/PS3

Game Informer: "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex brings the immensely popular COD4 experience to the Wii on November 10th, alongside its sequel that's hitting the PS3 and 360. The original version is still played online by a huge amount of gamers, and Reflex will include the entire perk-filled multiplayer experience (albeit with a 10-player limit and no voice support). Here's a look at how its visuals stack up to the 2007 original."

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GamerPS3603593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Usually, I don't care little differences here and there, actually I can't even tell but that is something else.

By the way, PC vs PS3/360 is almost same as this comparision :D
Don't flamebait me, I am just saying from my experience.

darkequitus3593d ago

Not quite PC VS PS3/360. However the Wii version (following the 1st screen shot) look quite hideous. It actuall looks sub PS2/XB1.

If it is a pre-beta, I hope those textures are place-holders only. But realistically, at pre-beta you don't start re-modelling, so the low-poly is there to stay,

t8503593d ago

ill be getting the pc version.

and play it at super HD aka 1600p muahahaha, 60fps+ :P

ps3ftwin3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

i got MW1 for my ps3 it was good.

though i played it at my friends house on the pc, sure the game looks better on the pc the higher resolutions really do look good.

however i feel the real diffrence maker is the mouse keyboard support.

i will get MW2 on the pc this time around. my g9800 should handle this game just fine.

@t850 i feel jealous :( what gpu you using?

t8503593d ago

lol someone gave me a disagree for saying ill be playing at 1600p...

oh well..


i currently have a 4870x2... though i think even your g9800 should handle the game at 1600p (should do about 40fps atleast) provided it has 1gb of memory. anyways 1080p should be a piece of cake for your gpu ;-)

LynyrdSkynyrd3593d ago

Too bad that the author didnt do any research at all.

There IS voice support, activision announced it at least 1 week ago.
And those screen shots are pre-beta.

kwicksandz3593d ago

Gamerps360 is dead on. Its quite hypocritical to mock this game when the PC version of cod4 makes the console ones look a blurry muddy mess as well.

Even though its delayed ill still be getting Mw2 on PC for the true 1080P res and that sweet 120FPS framerate.

sikbeta3593d ago

Bobby Kotick jump to the wii train, what a joke...

champ213593d ago

you gotta admit their recent move to increase prices shows how greedy they are.

anyways i will be getting this on the taxfree platform pc ;-)

JeffGUNZ3593d ago

Does the WII really have that bad of graphics?!

blastermaster773593d ago

You people get your foot out of your mouth, this is pre-beta screen-shotss an we have not seen the real deal yet, and in my opinion a fps with the controls of the Wii destroys any fps in terms of precession game play than playing with dual analog sticks, and to burst your bubble soon Sony and Microsoft and future game consoles will have the type of control that the Wii is making standard today. Nintendo have always innovate the controls and what was yesterday is what you are using now! Analog sticks Nintendo did innovate first everybody followed, and thats why we are here so stop bashing your roots. Just my opinion.

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TheDeadMetalhead3594d ago (Edited 3593d ago )


Seriously, the Wii version looks hideous. It looks like a bad Nintendo 64 game, and Wii owners deserve better than that. I knew Treyarch would screw it up somehow.

doG_beLIEfs3593d ago

Once and for all....THIS is why many PS3 and 360 fans do not consider the Wii as a CURRENT generation console. Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you the now only $200 GameCube in a new dress with a fancy laggy waggle waggle controller.

saint_john_paul_ii3593d ago

WTF IS THIS S**T!????? seriously this is disgusting...

Razzy3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

PSP version would probably look better than the Wii version...if there was one lol.

CobraKai3593d ago

This seriously does look like it could be PSP vs PS360. Yuck. As a PSP game though, it would be impressive.

PS3 slim3593d ago

More interested in PS3 vs 360.

CernaML3593d ago

Let me sum it up for you:

Infinity Ward developed the most identical game on both consoles back in 2007 and proved that developers have no excuse for crappy PS3 ports.

CrippleH3593d ago

IW doesn't do ports. They have a dedicated PS3 and 360 team.

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