Uncharted 2: New Multiplayer Playlists


"Naughty Dog have revised one playlist, and added two more, in the multiplayer mode of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves."

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Winter47th3595d ago

Those guys are really fast! Usually most devs take a well earned vacation after a long period of work. They must really appreciate their fans. Hell, I'm still waiting for Battlefield 1943 to be patched!

Thanx Naughty Dog.

Gamer41113595d ago

Yeah it was fast, nothing new in terms of 'content' though.

UnSelf3595d ago

I need dis in my life

whothedog3595d ago

Naughty Dog is one with the community.

ThanatosDMC3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Watch the Uncharted 2 Online video that you can buy after playing the AWESOME single player campaign. They referred to it as "cloud" they can just update their database whenever they want and everybody downloads it like a patch but not really a patch the way we know it.


Click at your own risk. I use AVG.

Also, i wish they added the teaser trailer cinematic thing in which Nate pulls off the grenade pins of the guy who's beating the crap out of him while jokingly saying that he knows a girl that punched harder than that... too bad it's not in the game. Also, i wish they had more mocap vids.

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Close_Second3595d ago

...on one thing. The multiplayer lobby. A lack of "local search" option has resulted for me at least, in mainly lag ridden games.

It wont stop me from playing but I do wish someone would get the lobby system right.

Nikuma3595d ago

Wow that is weird... I haven't gotten any lag at all so far.

Close_Second3595d ago

Its why I would love to see a local search option.

UnSelf3595d ago

does this happen to anyone else?

during multiplayer DM's, my character would all of a sudden freeze. And not move at all.

Everyone else seems to keep moving but me, and i always get killed.

it happens at least 5 times a game and last about 2-3 secs at a time

rdgneoz33595d ago

I haven't had any real lag at all. The one annoying thing I've had has been the host leaving and the game somewhat resetting when migrating to a new host (several times I ha in groups of 3 people then host drops...).

Curious, has anyone noticed host migration affecting the cinema? I had on game wanted to look at that was like 10 min long, checked the file for it, and it was 50 seconds to when the host had left.

LONEWOLF2313594d ago

Yeah i wish there were more local games but as stated above me, no lag here either.......yes granted i have played within the three bar range but even then i haven't lagged!

ThanatosDMC3594d ago

It might be your internet connection since that's what happens to me when my internet craps out in Warhawk which has dedicated servers. I have two bars sometimes since my AT&T told me that there's a problem with my line but hadnt had any instances of lag.

2Spock3594d ago

Well unfortunately being the game is out, it is all ready riddle with lagswitchers. This happens to every game. But it seems i sit in lobby for long periods to join a game.

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theEnemy3595d ago

please put Clan Support.

DiLeCtioN3595d ago

ill highly recommend putting clan support in online multiplayer games. I myself have been missing this feature since Resistance Fall of Man. Killzone2 and Warhawk.

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The story is too old to be commented.