Threshold RPG - A 13 year old role play required MMO Keeps Getting Better

From BrightHub: "Threshold RPG is a text based, role play required MMO that is one of the most unique games on the internet. Staying in character is actively enforced (though out of character channels exist) and you must be 18 years or older to play. This article looks at some of the recent additions to the game.

Threshold RPG Continues to Strive for Excellence

Threshold RPG opened to the public in 1996 when the internet was unknown to most and text based games were the state of the art. 13 years later it retains its popularity due to an incredibly engaging world, a rich history, and a mature player community that takes role playing to a high level. Not content to rest on its laurels or its success, the staff of Threshold are always adding new features to the game. This article looks at some of the more recent additions."

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Glamis3595d ago

It is really amazing that an old school game like this continues to thrive.

It must have an amazing community of players to keep on trucking, as well as some very devoted developers.

I definitely have to check it out.

Gregd3595d ago


That is some SERIOUS longevity.

Imagine the real game history after 13 years. WOW

Muckbeast3595d ago

Indeed. The community is probably what makes the game so amazing. Of course, the game is what attracts the community, so I guess it is a which came first, the chicken or the egg type thing.

jpymai3595d ago

Threshold's community definitely keeps people coming back for more. Having played on and off for almost 10 years now, I can say that it's the people who play the game (and of course the game itself) that keep me coming back.

It's like my little home on the internet :)

rosuav3595d ago

Unlike some games, which last a long time but have high player turnover, Threshold has many of its players remaining for years - quite a few have been playing for over a decade. Because the game is constantly having new content added, it's practically impossible to exhaust it through playing; it is possible to paint your character into a corner, but even then you can just create a new character and explore some new aspect of the game. I've been playing for nearly seven years, and there's heaps that I've not seen.

skip2mylou3595d ago

wow i didnt even kno their was/is a game like this i should check it out and see what its about

Muckbeast3595d ago


Report back here with your opinions.

Tell us what you think, what you experience there, and all that jazz.

cyguration3595d ago

Tabula Rasa had the tech along with HellGate: London but if word of mouth and a strong community don't keep players coming back it doesn't matter how savvy the game is.

Muckbeast3595d ago

Great point. The borked up chat of TR made it so community really never formed - a darn shame. :(

As for Hellgate: that idiotic subscription for a Diablo clone strangled it in the crib.

Gorn23595d ago

I have enjoyed threshold for many year. The game keeps growing and evolving at incredible rate enhancing and adding new features. I expect it will continue to deliver it's top notch entertainment for many years to come.

Muckbeast3595d ago

What are some of your favorite new features? Tell us about them. It really is awesome that a game as old as this continues to evolve and grow.

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The story is too old to be commented.