PSPgo @#$!!% yourself

Chris Jager writes,

"Howdy, Sony reps and PlayStation fans. Glad we got your attention. As you've probably gleaned from our tongue-in-cheek article headline, we have a few issues with the PSPgo. Big issues, of the deal-breaking, hair-pulling variety.

We're talking, of course, about price - the price of the console, the price of games and the price of Internet broadband. When everything is tallied together, the PSPgo is arguably the most expensive console on the market - even compared to the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim and Xbox 360 Elite. If you already own a regular PSP, you also have to factor in the cost of replacing your game discs. So what exactly are you getting for all your hard-earned cash? In short: a smaller PSP with no disc tray. (Don't all rush to the shops at once, guys.)"

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Bereaver3602d ago

If you don't like it, don't buy it?

That's like me going out and complaining about a new car that's too expensive for me, and doesn't have some of the older features. Ohhh noes!!! My old cylinders, valves, and drive shaft won't fit in my new ferrari!!! noooo!!! FERRARI!!!! GO ALKSDFSD YOURSELF!

Things change, get over it.

3602d ago
BulletToothtony3602d ago

the ps3 hate has now been spreaded to even the psp.. how sad that because someone owns a 360 they feel the need to hate sony..

there is less true gamers each day that goes by..

nbsmatambo3602d ago

woa, some1 seems bitter

i personally love my PSPGo :D

phalanx_mark3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

price wise its similar to an ipod touch 16gb so i dont see the big deal. It does not have the touch screens but games wise it knocks out slightly better graphics.

SupaPlaya3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

the author's has his period coming, and woke up on the wrong side of the rock XD

We should be glad there is a choice of another model. Too expensive? You can wait until the price drop.

I think it has to do with the slimmer size of the PS3 and the PSP GO. Some people are just jealous over the nice figure. I mean with a body like that they don't come cheap wink wink ^_^

Aaron Greenterd3602d ago

it's becoming uncool to hate on the ps3, so we are shifting our attacks over to the psp go, even though we touted DD as the future.

it's the kind of double standard only my customers would understand...

Timesplitter143602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Well it's not that simple. I'm a huge PS3 fan and I hate the PSPgo because it's a huge waste of money for Sony. I don't just "don't like" it. I "hate" it because it's actually being a nuisance to my interrests. This time and money would've been better spent on the PS3.

darthv723602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I was talking with my best bud about the go and the dsi and the approach both nintendo and sony have taken towards these two "upgraded" versions of their current handhelds. Just to state, he is the electronics dept manager (day shift) for a target store in folsom CA.

He was telling me about how the go was doing sales wise. We both agreed that at the current time it isnt worth it and I think I hit a nerve when I said that the dsi was worth the price of the upgrade as opposed to the go. Let me explain.

Making that statement you need to look at what these units were upgraded from. We will look at the dsi as compared to the lite. There were several improvements nintendo made and really only 1 they took away. The changes were: faster cpu, bigger screens, increased memory, internal storage, SD card support, dual cameras, built in web browser, dsiware store application. What they took away was the GBA slot.

Now some may say the loss of the gba is a big thing but taking a page from sony...if you have gba games then it is most likely you have a "GBA". Sort of like sony's approach to BC in the ps3. Maybe not in so many words sony simply stated, if you have ps2 games you want to play, chances are you have a PS2.

Anyway, back to the dsi. Sure the loss of gba is crushing to some. The true ability of the dsi is still realized in the fact you can play EVERY DS game released or to be released. Not to mention you can download games to the internal storage as well as SD card (they have yet to make SD game launching). This is something you CANT do on the ds lite. The web browser is also a nice touch yet even the original DS had support for a web browser via a special ds card and memory cartridge. That combination in now way as optimized like the built in browser of the dsi. This is thanks to more internal RAM and speedier cpu.

So you see you get quite a bit for the $40 difference in price AND can play any/all ds games to boot.

Now on to the psp go. A great little unit with lots of potential. Potential that practically any other psp can accomplish with a little extra effort. The selling points of the go are simple. 16gb internal storage, bluetooth, smaller design, better battery life thanks in part to the loss of the UMD drive. That last part is the sore thumb for the go but in reality there is more to it.

For less than $100 I can take even an old psp 1001 and make it do 'most' of the go's abilities. All I need to do is add in a big mem stick (8gb is a nice size). I cant make the old psp have bluetooth but...oh well. All go related content is playable on ANY psp. Mini's, full umd digital games, psn games, ps1 games, movies etc...

Not only can a regular psp do what the go can do it can do what the go CANT do. Play real UMD games and movies. The cost difference in the go and a psp is significant when viewed a certain way. I was actually surprised sony didnt take the opportunity to improve on a few of the psp downfalls. Namely, memory and software support. When they released the 2000 series it marked a change to the internal workings of the psp. It doubled the memory from a paltry 32mb to 64mb. Still paltry by today standards but it just would have made sense to double the memory again to 128mb.

So from a technical view the go is the same as a psp 1000/2000/3000. It has the same cpu/gpu and same amount of memory (with the exception being the original psp 1001).

After explaining this to my friend I then realized something. The target demographic this unit was aimed at was not what I was thinking it to be. It dawned on my that obviously sony wasnt looking to existing psp owners to buy it. They were looking at those with a sense of convenience. Those who didnt want to lug around a carry case filled with UMD's. They were going after the truly "on the GO" crowd. So just like I said above, if you have UMD's you want to play, chances are you have a psp to play them.

I will say though that the improvements the go has are really just the bluetooth and internal storage. Scratch that, just the bluetooth. You can adapt a regular psp to have increased storage for all the digital download stuff and make it just as convenient as the go. It wont have the cool smaller/slide screen but will be just as functional.

In closing (finally) both are great upgrades, well...actually...alternatives would be a better term.

Christopher3602d ago

Oh, wait, it's still available and being produced and can play everything the PSPGo can, including downloadable PSP games of all types.

spectyre3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Guitar hero DS uses the GBA slot for the fret control. Can you still use it on the DSI?

Syronicus3601d ago

That if the price of the PSP Go was too much for him already, then the DLC would be more than he could bare and should have stuck with less expensive items. If you want the goods, you have to pay the price. If you cannot afford it, then quit your complaining.

sikbeta3601d ago

This sucker thinks the PSP Go is a replacement for the Original, NO you a$$! If you don't like it don't buy it, If you talk about PSP you have two choices now

"Ferrari California go @#$!!% yourself, you are too expensive"

darthv723601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

You bring up a good point but it is somewhat moot. There were a few things developed for use with the gba slot in mind. One being the guitar hero attachment. Another is the rumble pack for games like metroid hunters/pinball and magnetica. I think a few others used it but it wasnt a requirement.

Then there was the memory expansion for the web browser. Those are the "official" items but there were also a few unofficial ones. One in particular that I have is the Datel max media dock.

Anyway, back to your point. If you have any of those items then (like stated before) you have the ds capable of playing them. Those are not the mainstream items to which the dsi was designed for. Remember, there are FAR more ds games than there are ds games requiring a gba accessory. The dsi can play 99% of all ds games with the exception of a few that "required" a gba accessory (only the guitar hero games which are a total of 3).

PSP go can't play all the psp games currently because there are so many that have yet to be digitally converted. Not to mention some that may never be because of how they sold.

SuperM3601d ago

Ok this guy is officially retarded. Everyone who buys a PSPGo is ofcourse gonna have internet broadband already. If you dont have internet broadband then you are living in the stoneage and would never even concider buying such a high tech device. The fact that he brought in broadband to make the PSPgo seem even more expensive is utterly pathetic.

And please never give sites like this hits. Just let them die a slowly and miserably.

Marceles3601d ago

PCWorld...(leaves thread)

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poindat3602d ago

The PSP-3000 is still around and fully supported; if you don't like the Go, buy the 3K instead. It's an ALTERNATIVE for the people who want to go fully DD (hmmm... wasn't DD the 'big thing' last year anyways, what happened to that, huh?), not a REPLACEMENT for the older PSPs.

SupaPlaya3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

choice is bad. How dare they let us choose. Give me back my fat version and I want that version only. The slim version makes me feel bad about myself!

aaron58293602d ago

So let me get it straight, not so long ago.. fanboys were like ... physical discs are not needed anymore... DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION IS T3H FUTUR3 !!! Physical discs will die a horrible death !!

Now that PSPGo has got DD, they complain about not able to buy used games.. need broadband and all that bs... ?

Wow !

meatnormous3602d ago

If you don't like it, don't buy it. I have a PSP fat but I never plan on replacing it even if it dies. You can get a 16 gb card for the fat or slim anyways. The only thing I like about the go is the blue tooth capability.

3602d ago
MGRogue20173602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Lovin' that headline. Very inventive lol

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