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GrE writes, "It's unfortunate that Disney's Up both begins and ends with a poorly implemented flying game, because the rest of the title really isn't bad at all for a title squarely aimed at a younger demographic. As you would expect from a Disney title, this is not something that will appeal to those of you who prefer your action more mature and violent, but it certainly has something about it that make it worth a look, if you want a game to play alongside your younger gaming protégé..."

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roblef3602d ago

It is a shame that they have to bookend a game with crappy sections.

wondroushippo3602d ago

Eh, what else are you going to expect from a kids' game? Unless Dave Perry's doing it, not much, and Dave Perry's prime was a long time ago.

Haly3602d ago

More importantly, why do people buy them?

AnttiApina3602d ago

I actually met a guy on GT who was making this game... It was his first game... His job was to make the last level of the game with few other artists and coders...

roblef3602d ago

Why do companies insist on making these bad movie games?

wondroushippo3602d ago

Because suckers will buy them.

kingme713602d ago

I rented and played this game with my 7 year old son and we had a blast playing it coop. I wouldn't play it on my own, but with him it was alot of fun. I found the flying sections the most fun actually. It was a little hard for him on those parts, but he could just aim the gun while I flew around so it wasn't too bad.

Ninjamonkey3602d ago

Its annoying how adults review games intended for children and then slate it for that.

The bits they hated for your child was the flying bit, completely opposite to what the reviewer said and it just goes to show that you cant always trust a review.

Especially when the target age is at least 20 years less than the reviewer...

kingme713602d ago

yeah, that's true. It's hard to remove yourself from a game when you aren't the intended audience and put yourself in the shoes of those that are. If I played this solo it would have been a complete waste of time, but with my son it was right up his alley.

Haly3602d ago

You did actually read the review right?
Final paragraph seems pretty positive to me considering it states that children will enjoy this and that it's the perfect title for gamers who are looking for something to play alongside their kids!
Reviewer also pointed out that they did enjoy the game, doesn't seem like a slating to me!

Nathaniel_Drake3602d ago

Yeah, I played this at a gamestop on a the PS3 and it was pretty cool how they have each character specialize in something that helps the other, like in lost vikings.

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