Shadowrun Demo Coming June 6th

FASA has given word on when we can expect the Shadowrun demo to hit Xbox Live Marketplace. As a means to give gamers with Halo 3 Beta withdrawal a quick fix, it will go live on June 6th.

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candystop4168d ago

Well doesn't the game come out may 29th? I love halo to death but after playing the shadowrun beta must confess that shadow can hold it's own against other shooters and even Halo! It's a unique 1st person experience that if mastered can become really fun and satisfying!

ASSASSYN 36o4168d ago

I got to disagree with you. That game was boring after a few games. Plus I never in my life played a fps that handicapped (powerful firepower, more health, and faster magic regeneration) the winning team to let the losing team win at least one round. Halo at least has vehicles you can use to mount an assualt against your opponent making you extend your aiming skills to a moving platform. Teloporting was cute but short in distance. And the weapons were limited. There wasn`t one single mounted weapon though it was a beta.

I had more fun fighting the A.I. than relying on human players in close range battles on small maps. (beta)

Dlacy13g4168d ago

They know people are going to be wanting that Halo experience after the H3 beta.... So the are getting them Shadow run with the same kind of matching system and solid FPS game play. The demo will be to draw in the beta guys who are unsure about Shadowrun but are willing to try because its a demo,etc. Could really help Shadowrun out because this game is getting very little fan fare right now.

BrotherSic4168d ago

would have bought the game if it was sold at a lower price point (£25 - £30) but i am not paying full price for it.

maybe the demo will change my mind

id dot entity4168d ago

I don't know whether I am going to buy this game or not. Of course, the cross-platform technique is great on paper but how will it work in real life? Can't wait to check that.

Only the Shadowrun setting doesn't really improve me.

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The story is too old to be commented.