Brütal Legend - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: The age of metal is upon us. For the first time since the glory days of point-and-click PC games Tim Schafer is back in the spotlight. Brütal Legend is the epitome of Schafer-ian humor. The game takes stabs at all of the current genre knock-offs including glam, emo and hair metal and combines it with deliciously crafted dialogue and over-the-top characters. The end result is a game that actually manages to be as humorous as it is fun to play. Of course all of this is null and void if the gameplay manages to slip through the proverbial cracks, but as well all know Tim Schafer has been in this industry long enough to know how to craft a fine game. Brütal Legend is easily one of the most unique, expertly crafted and most importantly enjoyable experiences you will have on a console this holiday season.

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