Square Enix shares Dragon Quest stats

A few weeks ago, Square Enix started a new type of cooperative Dragon Quest IX quest. These quests require that large groups of players team up to perform tasks. The first such quest was simple: get 500,000 players to submit their DQIX play data via Wi-Fi. Last week, players succeeded in this quest and were given a promised reward: an appearance by Dragon Quest Sword's Setia as a guest character.

Square Enix's plan was to use the data acquired through the quest to share stats about DQIX with other players. Today, it did just that. A National Census page page opened up at the DQIX Square Enix Members site. The page shares play data based off 677,350 (that's right -- they totally beat the 500,000 goal, it seems) data submissions.

The data is split into four pages: Special Data and Ranking, Profile Information, Battle Information, and Character Information.

Here are a few of the stats.

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kingme713295d ago

The people that have already put in an excess of 500 hours of game time in less than 3 months boggles the mind. that would require 6 hours of gameplay every day of the week since launch, and that is assuming they are at the 500 mark. The graph said 500+ hours.

PS360WII3295d ago

Well it is Dragon Quest after all :)

Redempteur3294d ago

woooow that's a lot ...

i guess there are here .. the people who sleep in every draque agme to have everything

( and to have everything in a draque game is a huge task believe me ).

SpoonyRedMage3294d ago

I can't wait for this game to be released here, I hope it's soon. I'm sure Dragon Quest Wars has done well!

I also hope that we can unlock Fluerette on the game!(as well as the other DQ characters)

kingdavid3294d ago

I dont think we will see it before FF13. That much is pretty much certain..