The Decades-long Quest to Make Dragon Quest a Hit in America

It’s unlikely Dragon Quest will ever be as popular in the US as it is in Japan, where an urban legend persists that new entries are released on Sundays so that kids won’t skip school to buy them. But the hope is that by increasing the visibility of the series — through releasing a combination of ports and spinoffs, in addition to the main DQ games — Square Enix will be able to make Dragon Quest a more globally prominent franchise.

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Gemmol2031d ago

it was successful on the DS in America, if anything article should talk about why Sony struggle to make it relevant, when the DS, 3DS line bring so many sales to Dragon Quest series.....that the whole series can be played on the 3ds from 1 to 11

Last_Boss2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

DQ VIII made the series relevant across the world. If they would have stuck with that from VII on up, it would've have been huge. Besides the DQ sales in Japan eclipse those in NA & EU. If anything the remakes and all the way from 1 to 9 should've have started on PSP to Vita. DQ VIII is the FFVII of the series, and both debuted on PSX 1st.

Gemmol2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Why you say psp to vita, i love dq 9 i would of missed out on it if that happen ☹ it was the first dragon quest game i beat even tho i had the others i was too young to finish those

Last_Boss2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

I didn't mean for it to skip DS. Lol I meant it would have been great to also get it on psp to vita like the FF remakes. The series is long overdue for full recognition . I wish they localized the Lotto trilogy on the Wii.

PhoenixUp2031d ago

Wtf are you talking about?

Dragon Quest became more well known in the west after DQVIII on the PS2. After that Square Enix started putting Dragon Quest games exclusively on Nintendo platforms for many years until Dragon Quest Heroes came out.

Gemmol2031d ago

dragon quest 9 on the DS sold more in the west than ps2 version which had more consoles sold than the DS at the time......yes it was the first to make a dent in the West......but DQ9 made a bigger hit and sold way more than I am right again, Nintendo handheld sold the most of it in all territory and this is why Square remake all the Dragon Quest for Nintendo handheld and this is why the 3DS is the only system that can play Dragon Quest 1 all the way up to Dragon Quest 11

PhoenixUp2031d ago

And DQ8 sold more in the west than any Dragon Quest game prior. DQIX built off that newfound appeal.

Besides that if Square Enix isn't developing a game on a PlayStation platform then there's not much Sony can do about it. So you are wrong in saying that Sony struggled in making this franchise more relavant in western territories when the their console was the reason the franchise became more well known in the first place.

It should be obvious how that Square Enix remade many Dragon Quest games on Nintendo handhelds because it's much more cost and time effective than making HD remakes on Sony consoles.

Dragon Quest 1-3 aren't playable on 3DS. However Dragon Quest I-VIII are playable on iOS and Android though, so I wouldn't be surprised if Square Enix ported DQIX to those platforms as well along with DQX & DQXI in the future.

Last_Boss2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

The point was the fact that DQ finally was truly noticed on PlayStation and it took 8 games for that. So who is to blame for that?!! If they had remasterd the old games like they did Final Fantasy on PSP to vita, it would have been a double hit for them. Dragon Quest IX was not even on PS2. If DQ was redone like it should have been for an actual console then the sales I garuantee the sales would have been much better.

The 10th Rider2031d ago

I've been a fan since it was known as Dragon Warrior over here. One of my favorite games from my childhood.

3-4-52031d ago

* I love Dragon Quest. DQ 9 was the game that got me hooked on Dragon Quest and rpgs.

I'm really looking forward to playing Dragon Quest XI, and it's my most wanted game to come over to the U.S. that at the moment is still Japan only.

If we got DQ Heroes 1 & 2, which are spin-off side games of the DQ series, then I'm pretty sure we have a good chance of getting DQXI state side.

We just got DQ 7&8 as well.

2029d ago