IGN: Magna Carta 2 Review

Erik Brudvig from IGN writes: "Anybody who has played more than a handful of JRPGs will find a game that feels all too familiar from the very outset. If you're fine with buying a game that will feel like you've probably played it before, by all means give Magnacarta 2 a shot. I'd say that newcomers would find more to like here, but the fact is that there are better JRPGs out there on Xbox 360 that I'd recommend as an intro to the genre before this middle of the road adventure."

6.0 Presentation
No new ideas. Magnacarta 2 takes absolutely no chances.

7.0 Graphics
Serviceable art direction and decent visuals.

7.0 Sound
Lots of voice acting. Most of it isn't awful. Japanese voice tracks would have been nice, though.

7.0 Gameplay
The real-time combat is a good start, but the quest design and lack of evolution through the game don't help things.

6.0 Lasting Appeal
It's a pretty long game, but not one you'd be likely to play through twice.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Only on Errorbox 360. It Only Flops Everything.

Elven63594d ago

You associate the Magna Carta series with quality? The console games at least have always hovered around the 60s in MC rating.

xoxideu3594d ago

not surprised.. another flop

UnSelf3594d ago

lol i love the OZ, wheres Nelson M and Saaking and Omarj?

2FootYard3594d ago

You f***ing Sony fanboys! Magna Carta 2 is the greatest game ever made. You're just jealous because the only games on PS3 are shooters or dragon flight simulators.

Gabe EatsWell3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Magna Flopta 2

@badz149: Not banned in the GZ. :)

Saaking3594d ago

Bots were saying this game was gonna be teh bestest jrpg. Well, sorry bots. AAA and Xbox shouldn't be in the same sentence.

2FootYard3594d ago

Gosh darn it, don't call it Magna Flopta 2. You guys are bullies! It isn't enough that my stupid f*** up machine doesn't have any games on it so you taunt and make sport of us Xbox fans. I'm going to listen to Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" over and over again in order to make it through this terrible moment in my disaster prone life.

badz1493594d ago

dude? why are u in here but not in the gamer zone? banned or something?

Isaac3594d ago

I see what you did there ;)

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Godmars2903594d ago

The first wasn't that good and now the second follows the tradition.

Not a surprise.

Dragun6193594d ago

Yea, you know I think I'll wait for the PS3 version that will be announced 6-8 months later before I give this game a chance. Cuz you know, this game will be ported with additional content along with the bugs sorted out just like Star Ocean & Tales of Vesperia.

UnSelf3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

all fanboyism aside, i really hate games that get low scores. WTH are these devs doing?

Tbh, it really isnt that hard to make a good game or at least attempt to.

smh its the same thing wit the movie and music genre....well music maybe not so much but gaming and movies are saturated w/ numbskulls

Godmars2903594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

While not on the same level as the FF series, the only thing that is is DQ, SO4 and Vsperia are a few levels above this game. If it gets ported, which shuld be a big if, any additional content isn't going to make up for its gameplay.

@Bubbles: "WTH are these devs doing?"

They were making a game when the method of making it, certainly what's being expected from it, are changing. That's why all the recent stuff from NIS for PS3 still looks like it belongs on the PS2.

RadientFlux3594d ago

@Dragun619 : I don't remember any bugs with x360 version of 'Tales of Vesperia'. While it may be missing the additional character that the PS3 version has, the x360 version was still a quality product.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

A JRPG on 360 gets a low score, who would have guessed?

If only all 360 JRPGs were as good as The Last Remnant...

Tony P3594d ago

It looks better than the first MC by the barest margin. They fixed the lengthy combat scenarios, but that still only makes the game playable. All they really did was bump it up from "less than average" to "mediocre at best".

"Tbh, it really isnt that hard to make a good game or at least attempt to."

Please, share your secrets with the devs so they'll better know how to make games that get 9s and 10s.

Viper73594d ago

//The first wasn't that good and now the second follows the tradition.

Not a surprise. //

"wasnt that good" is a bit too mild. it was horrible and every rating above 5.0 is a lie. Seriously managed to play maybe 10 hours but the horible voice acting, boring and idiotic battle system where just too much.

Magna carta 2 cant be worse than the 1st, its imbossible.

both games however seem to have somewhat pretty graphics and nice art, but those alone can't save the game.

Redempteur3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Magnacarta 2 is better than the first ..why ? because i've seen the battle system .. it's actually complete .. MC1 battele system was so complicated for no reason that this one it feels like they did a good job ..

Unfortunatly they did not take risks ( since they took too much the first time ) and everything feel so generic .

Sorry but when i see the market right now , i see magna carta2 and i see demon souls ... i 'd rather play demon souls ...

Tin Foil Hat gamer3594d ago

It's the Japanese conspiracy, they are attempting to numb our brains into submission by releasing these mediocre games, they will then catch us off guard and overwhelm us with their technological might. My tin foil hat will protect me.

Noctis Aftermath3593d ago

Move along people, nothing to see here apart from another mediocre JRPG this generation *Suprise*

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54percent3593d ago

you forgot the /sarcasm quote

54percent3593d ago

Give me an F!

Give me an L!

Give me an O!

Give me an P!

What does it say!?

Only on RRoDBOX!!!11

soul899er3594d ago

THE BESTEDT FLOP EVER!!! weren't you bots saying this would be an improvement from part 1? Just face it 360 is only good for shooters! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa aa!!!!!!!!!!

Saaking3594d ago

They get this piece of crap and we get AAA Demon's Soul. PS3 is for REAL gamers. Supporting the 360 at this point where they're the same price is just stupid.

soul899er3594d ago

Heck yeah! xD can't find a copy of DS yet though, what's your PSN? :D