Gametrailers: Brutal Legend Review

Does the ultimate mash-up of rock and video games sing a pretty tune?

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Sitris3595d ago

Might be a good game to pick up latter next year during the lul of games. Amazing how many great games are coming out this holiday season. Ps3 gets Uncharted 2, Demon Souls, Ratchet and mulitplats. Xbox 360 gets Forza, Halo and multiplats. Wii has Wii fit plus, MG2 and multiplats. So many good games this holiday season. Only 12 days till Borderlands!

PSN ID: Sitris

Be a gamer not a hater

OhReginald3594d ago

i just took a huge bite from a apple and the core of the apple was pitch black!! ...tasted bad...

Raoh3594d ago

I'll probably rent this some time next year.. i'm not much of a metal fan..

dont want to waste a blank disc on this either