Mii's invade FIFA '08

The latest edition of Nintendo Power magazine features EA's unique take on footy theme mini-games revealing some of the extras of the upcoming Fifa '08 edition.

Aside from motion controlled football, the Wii version features some Mii-heavy shorts including a rhythm based game where, with a flick of the Wii-mote, players can keep their balls held high. Foosball accompanies the ball action along with a penalty shootout where multiple players fire their balls at a poor goalie. After playing ball with friends players can unlock the ultimate in cheese-lifestyle: Ronald-mii-nho, yes, Ronald-mii-nho.

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dknight4169d ago

First 3rd party game with Mii's??

What about Madden, Tiger Woods, and NBA 08??

ITR4168d ago


Good Morning to ya too!

ChickeyCantor4168d ago

so you suck like us?
woah w8 i think you are the only one here.

dknight4168d ago

Don't be mad!
You got Home.

ITR4168d ago

I see Madden 08 is online.