Opinion: DiRT 2 DLC hits new low for gamers

From Gameswire: "Codemasters has today launched two pieces of DLC for Colin McRae: DiRT 2 on Xbox 360, with the PS3 versions to follow on 15 October.

However, when it comes to DiRT 2, these 400 MSP packs offer little in the way of actual value for cheating.

You're paying for what you've already bought."

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ThanatosDMC3598d ago

I hope no one buys $hit like these! Like RE5 dlc.

WildArmed3598d ago

same. Reminds me what Burnout DLC pulled (UNLOCK ALL CARS -- that can be earned via normal gameplay)
and what Skate pulled - Unlock all customizations and Skateboards!
wtf -.- You really want people to put your game down that fast?