Project Gamers: Terminator Salvation Review

Mike from Project Gamers writes: Movies are notoriously known to translate into horrible video games. Yes there are a small few that defy this paradigm, but sorry to say Terminator Salvation is not one of them. Terminator Salvation is based on the movie released during the early summer months starring Christian Bale, and was met with mixed reviews was tons of sequel based movies are. All in all Terminator Salvation is not a horrible game, but it just does so many things in the wrong way which equate it to turning out worse than it really should.

Terminator Salvation starts off slow with you playing as John O'Connor. The story takes place between Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation, so technically this isn't a game based off the movie but an interquel. Terminator Salvation brings you two modes to choose from; single player and co-op. I first started with single player, but I highly recommend co-op as the A.I. doesn't help out much like most games, as you have to kill every machine yourself.

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