Six Awesome Games That Were Never Released

Loot Ninja writes:

"Feeling a bit too happy today? I'm not – looking over this list of some high profile games that were cut off mid development makes me sad. Be it Ensemble Studios Halo MMO or Blizzards Starcraft Ghost, no one likes to see a potentially awesome game cut off during development, never to see the light of day again.

So grab some tissues, hit the jump, and shed manly (or womanly) tears with me as we look at some of these games that never quite made it."

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drunkpandas3595d ago

I would love a new Road Rash. I remember sitting around the Genesis as a kid playing with my friends.

typikal823595d ago

most def

the video seemed a lot like the Burnout Paradise Bikes. Just with weapons, man that would be so awesome.

Gyshall3595d ago

I'd just like a new Battlefront game :(

a_squirrel3595d ago

To me, the first game was the best, the second one was good, but it didn't have that same favour, but now, BF3, that looks good, and BF3 (lol, I mean battlefront 3, then battlefield 3)

Graffin3595d ago

Indeed. I would kill for an Xbox 360/PS3 battlefront. Get on it, Lucas!

fiercescuba3595d ago

halo MMO I would have tried. I am not an MMO guy but I would have checked it out. I've read the books and the Halo canon is exceptional.

drunkpandas3595d ago

Not sure it would have worked too well with thousands of Spartans running around. If everyone was an ODST, it might have worked out. Either way, I doubt we'll ever see it happen.

fiercescuba3595d ago

Star Wars MMO does it where not everyone is a Jedi. You could start as a regular Marine and work your way up to ODST or even Spartan if you are good enough/put time in. Could also have a race of Covenant. The options are endless.

Tony P3595d ago

The problem is everyone WANTS to be a Jedi/Spartan. Actually, I think SW has a bit more disparity there since they have so many other cool character archetypes like Han Solo for spacers and Boba Fett for bounty hunters.
Besides the few regular marines in ODST and Halo Wars, the Spartans tend to steal the show everywhere else (even in HW).

That's not to say it's impossible, but it'd be better if they could showcase more variety.

McCullster3595d ago

Battlefront! Why do you mock me! :(

The game looked pretty far in development (compared to Road Rash and the Flash game), but too bad it won't see the light of day.

Tony P3595d ago

I think anyone who loved the real Fallouts would love to see a proper Fallout 3. I like Bethesda, but their FO3 is totally different in a lot of important ways from what a veteran would expect. I could definitely go for the original FO3. Or, perhaps the New Vegas Obsidian are developing.

The premise of B.C. interests me but I'd want a different setting because I frankly hate the "caveman" thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.