PSX Extreme: NBA 2K10 Review

PSX Extreme writes: "This year, EA Sports certainly took the hockey simulation crown as 2K's effort came up short but it's a much closer race in the world of basketball. NBA Live 10 is one of the best entries in the series that I've seen in years, and after spending several hours playing NBA 2K10, I realized there aren't drastic differences in quality between the two competing titles. However, there are distinct control and gameplay differences and although I may be in the minority, I found this title more frustrating and not quite as sound in the areas of AI and overall explosiveness. I will quickly remind the reader, though, that I played with two other people who didn't have the same view, so bear that in mind; opinions always vary, you know? All I can do is provide you with the basic information and my own personal recommendation, but while I may come across as being a little bitter, my conclusion shouldn't be viewed as overtly negative."

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