Neocrisis: Lockerz Goes Global

Neocrisis: Oh man, Lockerz have just sent out a email explaining the latest updates in rules. In addition, they have added more goodies that its members can get. In addition, they are able to ship to almost all countries world wide. Press Here for more information. Below is the entire email.

Remember that the prizes includes games from all the systems: 360, PS3, Wii, DS, PSP. The elusive PS3 exclusive Demon's Soul is also amount the games. You can also get the whole console, the new PSPgo is also among them.


Images have been added.

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jazzking20013603d ago

i want to get Demons Soul and the Ratchet and Clank PSP bundle

hell Demons soul is sold out in the US if i am correct

jazzking20013603d ago

there images are there to prove that its totally legit

rCrysis3603d ago

looks legit jazzking. I added my email on your site.

Nihilism3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

i don't know what lockerz is, and i don't want to , i'm sick of illiterate spam threads about it

"you come lockerz, you get pointz, no scam , you come now :D!!!!!"

rCrysis3603d ago

yeah. that guy who's just spamming the forums? just joined N4G like an hour ago lol.

Where be the mods at this hour? 2:34am where I'm at

Nihilism3603d ago

I think the mods like to let it drag out for a bit....let the flaming go until it gets racist etc, then they pull the must be a wonderful power to have

jpod3603d ago

I got lockerz, but I haven't gotten any prizes yet. All you do so far is login and answer the question of the day and get 4 ptz. No spam emails, no survey crap. It takes all of like 2 secs, maybe more if the site is slow.

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