Amazon discounts Quest for Booty by 33%

After recently opening their store for the Playstation Network, Amazon decided to discount Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty by 33%.

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pixelsword3601d ago

Stop the presses.

(Boy, am I surly today)

Xbox Avatars Shoe3601d ago

I bought this the day it came out and I still play it every once in a awhile. R&V games have such a high amount of replay-ability.

And yeah, why is it news when an over 1 year old game gets a price drop?

BlackCountryBob3601d ago

I had no idea Amazon sold games like this, it is a brilliant idea, I really have no major issues with a downloadable gaming future if there are other stores also selling games in this way, especially in the UK.

Competition is key and if there are other retailers able to sell games like this it will help keep prices respectable while the network stores are merely a distribution platform.

Maybe the future of the PSN store is to select a game and then see a list of retailers and the prices they charge.

Good news, good idea.

MK24ever3601d ago

Isn't that the normal price on the store?

Xbox Avatars Shoe3601d ago

It was $15 when it first came out last year. And worth every penny :)

calis3601d ago

Quest for Booty is bootilicious.

RAVEN813601d ago

i think amazon knows that the psn is going to drop the price this weeks update and they went and dropped the price a couple of days before it happens