LittleBigPlanet : Screens Overload. have acquired some new screen captures of ps3 exclusive title, LittleBigPlanet.

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decapitator4590d ago

with this one purchase confirmed.. Soo beautiful..*tear* tear*

BitbyDeath4590d ago

Can this game look any better?
This is nextgen *Drool

Dr Pepper4590d ago

interesting, to say the least.

Omicronn4589d ago

This game looks like it was created by someone while under some serious influence of intoxicating effects...
But I find it seriously beautiful looking, and a very interesting concept to say the least.

GameJunkieJim4589d ago

I guess I'm going to have to be the first to say it...

It's just not looking next gen. How hard is it to model a teddy bear?

I thought this might be a preorder for me, but not if it looks like this. The more I find out about this game, the more it seems like an Animal Crossing ripoff.

BitbyDeath4589d ago (Edited 4589d ago )

Have you checked out Star Wars Lego?

How hard is it to model Lego?
Compare Star Wars Lego to this game and SWL looks like something from the Commodore 64

Don't just look at just the teddies, look at the textures of everything. It is looking damn near photographic on every level.

And that's even before you touch on the level of physics this game has.

This game is a masterpiece

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