GameInformer: Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Review

GameInformer writes: "If George Lucas' goal with Clone Wars is to either to kill off Star Wars or create content that makes Jar Jar Binks seem somewhat respectable, he's doing a *** fine job. Whenever I hear Ahsoka Tano call Anakin Skywalker "Skyguy," I can feel midi-chlorians dying and my love of the Force slipping away."

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Xander-RKoS3290d ago

It's hard to judge...not that I particularly had any high hopes for the game, it seems the author has more problems with the whole "Clone Wars" media campaign (which I like, considering I don't need to compensate for anything by screaming "I'm too manly and mature to watch a kids show", the cartoon isn't in bad for a Star Wars fan), which, like most reviews done by GI, creates a conflict of interests.