MTV Multiplayer 'Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2' Review: Beautiful, Bloody And... Bouncy?

Rick Marshall of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Being a Playstation loyalist of sorts, I didn't play "Ninja Gaiden 2" when it was released last year for the Xbox 360, so Tecmo's "Sigma" version of the game for Playstation 3 is my first experience with warrior ninja Ryu Hyabusa's latest adventure.

Like 2007's "Ninja Gaiden Sigma," "Sigma 2" is filled with beautifully rendered landscapes, well-tuned fighting, a wide range of weapons and abilities, and some of the most impressive boss battles you'll find in the PS3 library, but it's the ways in which it differs from its predecessor that make it a great game instead of just a good sequel."

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WildArmed3319d ago

Man, after playing NGS2 i cant waits for DoA2 :)