Lens of Truth: Operation Flashpoint - Dragon Rising Analysis

Lens of Truth writes, "...Lens of Truth had the chance to check out the latest in warfighter simulators, Operation Flashpoint - Dragon Rising(OF-DR) which was developed and published by Codemasters. We were a bit confused by this Head2Head. OF-DR was supposed to be the latest and greatest game powered by the EGO engine. As you may recall we covered the release of DiRT2 and were very impressed with the cross platform graphics equality that the EGO engine delivered. Definitely not the case for OF-DR."

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jaidek3319d ago

Unfortunate that the PlayStation 3 version suffered from performance and graphical issues. I really thought that CodeMasters had this cross platform game development locked down with Dirt 2.

evildeli3319d ago

Maybe they did their testing on Flashpoint before sending off the cooler Dirt game,

jaidek3319d ago

Seriously, the way this game performs it looks to be done with a beta version of EGO.

mrv3213319d ago

I areas this game looks like an Xbox game and I am not making this up. I swear to god.

I am not even joking.

MrJack3319d ago

I wonder when they will do their Fifa 10 comparison...

Oh wait, they won't, as it looks better on PS3, recently a few games that look superior on PS3 havent been compared, I wonder why...

mrv3213319d ago

I know I know this one... because it won't attract 360 fanboys to post articles on 360 being superior and earning the site hits.

Bayonetta and Ghostbusters got tons of publicity because of this.

Sea_Man3319d ago

Are you kidding me? who here wants to play Fifa? LOLOLOL

Perjoss3318d ago

@ 1.4

you're joking right?

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RudeSole Devil3319d ago

The PS3 version looks like a PS2 game. LOL look at the rollover images. OMG..

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Kiroe3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

It is just sad. Just when you think the PS3 is on equal playing ground (multi-platform) with the 360, crap like this happens. Good ole lazy devs...

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morganfell3319d ago

No. If they knew what they were doing then this wouldn't have occurred. Even worse when you bring up the fact that the studio is capable of decent PS3 development. That makes this incident with OFP2 even more inexcusable. You obviously didn't mean to but your own words indict them. If they had done their job here it wouldn't have happened. The facts are irrefutable.

I traded this title in not more than 30 minutes ago. Graphics issues? No. Level design is horrendous. How do you take a 225 Sq Km area and maker a linear game? They managed to do just that.