Bayonetta man: 'Itagaki's an idiot, I'm not gay'

Devil May Cry and Bayonetta man, Hideki Kamiya, has taken part in the most random interview in recent months. Itagaki's an idiot and Kamiya's not gay, apparently.

"I am bald, but I am not gay," he said in an interview. Alright mate, no one's pointing any fingers...

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Confirmed! He is gay... I still find funny when in an interview Itakagi said, that he would want to know what is in the mind of Kamiya, while citing his weird taste saying, that the raiment of Bayonetta being his hair is too crazy. lol

WildArmed3480d ago

Man these Devs sure like fuking around.

fishd3480d ago

Kamyia is THE man


Mr Tretton3480d ago

"It's a huge mistake to think like an idiot that big breasts on women seem erotic,"

Going to have to disagree. Especially when talking about big boobied Japanese girls.

WildArmed3480d ago


*looks at ninja Gaiden Sigma 2*
um... why are the bewbies moving when i tilt my controller..
oh nvm, i know why :)

WMW3480d ago

he has a point there adrianna lima is one of the sexiest woman on the planet and she got an average size chest.