Review: Mario Party 8

We all knew when the Wii launched that it would be a strong first-party system. The third-party stuff, while interesting, hasn't exactly set the world on fire and Wii owners have been waiting patiently--or not so patiently--for Nintendo to throw open their front doors, Willy Wonka-style, and introduce us to the next magical first-party game.

This pirate-y Goomba will give you a Star piece, provided you can pony up 50 coins first.
While it won't arrive with the fanboy hype of Metroid Prime 3 or Super Mario Galaxy, there's no denying that Mario Party 8 is more than capable of filling this void, and in some ways, it will probably be a bigger success for Nintendo than those other two hotly anticipated titles.

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midgard2294756d ago

the aren't everything, but they're exactly the same as the GC's.......*sigh, w/e aslong as the game is fun to its fans lol

still no online play....y does the wii have online again??? o yeah VC

ITR4756d ago

Are you just trolling today or what?

The game got editors choice and a 4.5 out of 5.

I doubt many folks care about the graphics on party games.
Most are just playing to have fun anyways.

Why no online play? Probably because the game is suppose to bring folks together, not keep them apart. You can't really have a party by yourself...well I sure hope not.

PS360WII4756d ago

but who knows there is a first for everything, right

drtysouf214756d ago

but online would have been a great addition.