Why the Sega Saturn Needs to Be Represented on the Virtual Console

JMcEvoy2006 writes:

"While it won't make many lists for the greatest home consoles, the Sega Saturn holds a special place in gaming history. Though it was obliterated by the PlayStation, it was the second most successful console of the era and had some classic titles. As such, these titles need to be released on the VC."

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Ninji3297d ago

Dreamcast games for PS3
Saturn games for Wii
Genesis games for 360

FreeMonk3297d ago

to play Panzar Dragoon Saga on any of the major 3 consoles.

I missed out on many Sega Saturn games, as at the time like many people, was playing on the PlayStation.

PD Saga, Guardian Heroes and Burning Rangers are the ones I'd love to play.

I would buy a Saturn and the games of Ebay, but although the console can go for around £10-£20, a copy of PD Saga could cost around £150-£200, with GH and BR around £80-£100. Way to much!

cheapndirty3297d ago

Trying to stir up trouble?

Mini Mario3297d ago

1 - They should just do this...
Dreamcast games for PS3
Saturn games for Wii
Genesis games for 360 "

Ahh the wii already has mega drive games on the VC.

Biphter3297d ago

But I think in reality the Wii is only technically capable of emulating Genesis. If they recoded Saturn and DC games they might work ok, but as VC (under emulation) I doubt it can happen. Saturn is actually MORE complicated to emulate than Dreamcast and needs a hefty PC to run games smoothly (SFF being the best emu out ATM). Both DC and Satrun could be emulated on Xbox 360 and PS3 I recon. Would be nice to see a Saturn collection similar to the recently released Genesis collection. HD and tropies/achievements, great stuff!!

NeoCloud3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I dont think Saturn on the Wii is gonna happen, Its just not up to the task.One the PS3/X360 it can happen.

thesummerofgeorge3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I used to rent a Sega Saturn from my local Blockbuster, it was so exciting. Panzer Dragoon and Daytona USA.

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Godmars2903297d ago

Go with the Panzer Dragoon series, update their graphics, forget all else.

darthv723296d ago

Panzer dragoon orta is a nice looking game and fits well in line with the original.

execution173296d ago

maybe they should release the panzer dragoon the xbox version on XBL and do everyone a favor and release Sonic CD since everyone should know thats probably the best one


i had a dbz game for it that was so fun

alphakennybody3297d ago

I only opened this article just too look @ that pick...if only my GF would wait for me @ home like that after a hard day @ work.

vudu3297d ago

I knew I wasn't the only one.

Glamis3297d ago

No idea why this story hasn't recieved more approvals yet.

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