Gameractor: Dead Space Extraction Review

Tero Kerttula writes:

"Dead Space Extraction is one of the top ghost trains in existence. The ride is both exciting and exhilarating, and has just enough of a challenge and length that you feel to pull for another run immediately upon completing the game. Ten missions sound like a few too few, but every one of them takes a good while to complete. That's one of the game's major downsides, too: although there are plenty of checkpoints, you can't save the game in mid-mission, which makes an hour-long run a bit too arduous a task.

I have to admit it. Visceral Games really exceeded all my exceptions with Dead Space Extraction. If horror and action sound like a perfect mix, there's absolutely no reason to give this game a pass, especially if you have a friend with whom to share all the scares and scars. Enjoy the ride! I know I did."

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