Leeroyw113d ago

Alan Wake 2 goty is their answer.

repsahj113d ago

Nowadays, if you release your game in late December, it will be automatically GOTY. If Alan Wake 2 is released in January, it will be forgotten in a couple of months.

ItzArditrus92d ago

That is not why it works at all there is a cutoff point for GOTY hense Spider-Man 2 not beign nominated for anything at the golden joysticks or the game awards


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XxSPIDEYxX2d ago

A new Divinity would be soo awesome.

jjb19812d ago

The second game had me hooked right from the beginning. They make quality games.

toxic-inferno2d ago

Honestly, I'd like to see their take on a more science-fiction or space-based setting. But frankly it will be worth paying attention to anything they do.