Monster Hunter Freedom 3 Basically Confirmed By Capcom

Gaming Union: "Everyone is aware how huge Monster Hunter is, and the release of Monster Hunter Tri only helped to further its reputation. However, where the franchise has arguably been most successful is on Sony's portable console, the PlayStation Portable.

The last main version to be released on the PSP was Monster Hunter Freedom 2 in August, 2007, as Freedom Unite was essentially an expansion, and with 2010 fast approaching, there were some doubts about whether Capcom wanted to move away from the PSP."

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Kyll3387d ago

sick, hope it doesn't take forever

mephman3387d ago

I'm guessing it'll probably appear late 2010.

Chubear3386d ago

They bloody well know should MH for the PS3 comes out JPN would explode so it's up to them if they want to keep playing stupid games with Sony.

They tried having leverage with having MH on the wii but that didn't play out as planned. Sold great and since it's a wii title they likely made a lot of money but it didn't shake JPN like they thought it would and Wiis didn't sell bananas or anything out of the ordinary during & shortly after it's release.

People have spoken, they'd rather have this thing on a next gen console. If Capcom's buttocks are shafted cause Sony's still got it's grove then release it multiplat on the 360 & PS3, either which way the fans get their current gen MH they've been waiting for.

After playing Demon Souls, I can pretty much vividly see what kind of an experience MH would be on current gen consoles and it would be sweet indeed.

ThanatosDMC3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Well, there's also those people that could translate them... Team something is what they were called but you'll need a custom FW PSP for it probably.

I'm hoping it's on the PS3 and PSP and you could swap them around so when we're away from our PS3s we could play on the PSP then just update our save files. Now that's portability!

Armyless3386d ago

What kind of game is it?

Timesplitter143386d ago

I can wait for a while because Demon's Souls litterally blows my mind

Christopher3386d ago

Fairly certain Monster Hunter 2 sales already confirmed that there would be a sequel.

Tex1173386d ago

Demon's Souls really is that good. Pure unadulterated greatness.

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Ron_Burgundy3387d ago

what do you think if they made the next one for PS3?
comment and reply below please

Bloodshedder3387d ago

If it happend, id kill my mom and sell her kidneys for cash and buy that game, death searius i love MH

Arnon3387d ago

Probably explode in more than one way... but I'd rather want the actual Monster Hunter series on the PS3... not just Freedom, even though I guess it's essentially the same thing.


That game did not sell like the other monster wanted it on a true next gen system even on the ps360 i would be so happy....but till then Lost planet 2 is kinda close enough til then

Bereaver3387d ago

I'd vote Ron Burgundy for President.

Marceles3387d ago

There would be a riot at N4G and in Japan if Monster Hunter Freedom came to PS3.

Sarcasm3386d ago

Cant see why it wouldn't.

HarukoHex3386d ago

I would love it on the ps3. as long as they keep it the way the game is and not try and do some BS like sega did with the Phantasy star series.

dachiefsman3386d ago

i would love to see this game on console.....holding a psp for hours sucks!

adlt3376d ago

So amazing, I cannot describe in words how amazing it would be. The online community, the graphics, the gmaeplay, the content. EPIC!

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Keowrath3386d ago

Freedom was the whole portable aspect of Monster Hunter and it appears MH sells much better on the handheld machines.

I think MH3 on PS3 would be excellent as I'm a huge fan of the PSP versions but I really don't think it's going to sell as well as a lot of you think.

Incidently, how well did the Wii version do? Practically everyone in Japan owns a Wii and if MH Tri didn't do so good there's your answer.

I don't care about sales. I love the game and REALLY wanna see an HD version of the Wyverns and Elder Dragons to take down but I don't think it would do quite as well as everyone expects.

3363d ago