Worthplaying: Real Heroes: Firefighter Review

No one will argue that the first-person shooter genre has become flooded lately. Ever since the previous generation of consoles, it has proven to be a very popular video game genre. Titles tend to reuse the same hackneyed premises, and more often than not, games in this genre have you playing as a mercenary, space marine, super soldier or world-class spy. Plot lines may differ, but your character is essentially the same. It's not often that someone decides to change things up a bit in this well-established genre, and it's rarer still to see such a change happen on a console that doesn't have very many shooter games at all. Conspiracy Entertainment and Epicenter Studios have done just that with Real Heroes: Firefighter, and while the game may be rough around the edges, they prove that a compelling first-person shooter doesn't always have to involve the player wielding a firearm.

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