Bono Slammed for Supporting Mercenary Video Game

Irish rock star Bono has come under fire from left wing political activists after investing in a video game that depicts Venezuela in a negative light. The U2 frontman has invested $300 million in California manufacturers Pandemic Studios, whose game Mercenary 2: World in Flames allows players to play a mercenary sent to Venezuela, which has been taken over by an oil-hungry dictator.

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joemutt6173d ago

Bono has done more for 3rd world countries with his own pocketmoney than these beurocrats have done with someone elses money.

Bono rules.

You got something to say about Bono? You gotta go through "The Edge", and that wont be pretty.

Anyone who names themselves "The Edge" has got to be hard.

ironwolf6173d ago

Bono has done more for Africa single handedly than the entire EU combined.

This was about the 4th article I've seen in the last week about leftist pantywaists taking him to task for having investments in this game company.

joemutt6173d ago

If he takes off his sunglasses dont look him in the eyes, you will turn to stone.

Saw it happen once, "The Edge" stood up to handle one of Bono's Lightweights, but Bono said "I'll take care of this one". Took off his shades and the guy crumbled like dust, took two janitors to clean that mess up.