Why DJ Hero Needs To Fail

DJ Hero is one of the least anticipated games this year, and for good reason. As an overpriced addition to the "plastic crap" family of games that Activision has begun to produce on a bi-monthly basis, the game should be the final straw for most consumers.

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hombrehambre4004d ago

This is so true... People talk about EA milking franchises, but 14 Guitar Hero games from 2007-2009, not counting differing editions for separate platforms? This is ridiculous.

EvilCackle4004d ago

I feel like DJ Hero is at least more distinct than some of the other Hero games they've launched. At least with this one they're trying to branch out rather than simply releasing the same gameplay package with different songs.

RKRigney4004d ago

That's a good point, and from all reports the game plays differently than Guitar Hero. Still, $120 for the normal game and $200 for the special edition is insane, especially if they expect fans to buy Guitar Hero 5 as well.

LtSkittles4004d ago

I hope Dj hero fails, because it will make Activision rethink their business practices, and we'll still have hero games, but probably not as often. I seriously hope people don't pump out $200 dollars for periphal games. Guitar Hero 2 was fun, but then it just go crazy. I also hope it flops for reviews, because how much Activision has invested in it.

Max Power4004d ago

Wow, I am so glad/ashamed that I purchased the first one. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, but then it got real annoying.

RKRigney4004d ago

Yeah I thought the number of GH games published was closer to 8 until I did my research. Crazy stuff.

tinydancer4004d ago

I'd like to see someone do a total tally of all GH games including the separate PS2 and mobile versions

LtSkittles4004d ago

All of Guitar iterations on conlsoles
Guitar Hero(PS2)2005
Guitar Hero II(PS2, Xbox 360)2007
Guitar Hero III(PS2, Wii, 360, PS3)2007
Guitar Hero World Tour(PS3, PS2, Wii, 360)2008
Guitar Hero 5(PS3, PS2, Wii, 360)2009
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s(PS2)2007
Guitar Hero Aerosmith(360,PS3,Windows,Mac, Wii,PS2)2008
Guitar Hero Metallica(360,PS3,Wii, PS2)2009
Band Hero(360,PS3,PS2,Wii)
Dj Hero (360,PS3,Wii,PS2)
Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS)2008
Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades(DS)2008
Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits(DS)2009

cyberwaffles4004d ago

how ironic that he mentions to boycott Activision's games but still listed Modern Warfare 2.

FarEastOrient4004d ago

The best way to make the company think about their pricing strategy is to buy the game used. Since a used game doesn't count as a sale and the money goes straight to the retailer and not the company that made the game. I know it is bad that they do not get any money, but for a cash strapped consumer I can understand their hesitation on big products.

Who wants to pay $93 for Final Fantasy XIII (JP) like I did? Tony Hawk's fake skateboard cost more than a real one, why do we let them do that?

dragunrising4004d ago

I think DJ Hero really caters to a niche demographic. If the price was right it might be fun to try; $120 kills it. Activision truely runs a dairy farm with the amount of money they milk from gullible/moronic consumers.

Prototype4003d ago

F- Activision

I refuse to buy anything they make regardless of how fun or good it is/sounds. The only way I'll even look at it if its used or over a friends house, they will never EVER see my money again until they either fire Kotick or he apologies.

Game looks fun but I will not support someone who openly admits ripping off customers

Major_Tom4003d ago

DJ hero actually looks flippin' fantastic and the song dubs are crazy good, I'm not passing it up this is worth my moneys.

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tinydancer4004d ago

Activision will finally learn a lesson after this and Tony Hawk ride sink like rocks at retail

RKRigney4004d ago

That plus GH: Van Halen. How many people love Van Halen enough to drop $60 on a game about them?

ThatArtGuy4004d ago

as long as it's Classic VH with no Spammy or Gary influence.

hatchimatchi4003d ago

"sinks like rocks" lol

that's awesome

ride is gonna fail and fail hard. Skate is the new skateboarding game to have and even that doesn't sell as well as tony hawk did in it's prime. Skateboarding is a niche genre and i don't know anyone who gives 2 craps about th: ride. Me personally, i liked it better when it was called top skater and even that it got old after 10 mins.

LeonSKennedy4Life4004d ago

Are you just trolling to have fun now?

I honestly don't believe that you hate a piece of hardware that much.

You have to be kidding.

I'm giving you bubbles to help you troll.

AuToFiRE4003d ago

foreverflame, are you just screwing around or are you naturally retarded?

and wow.. getting pity bubbles, thats just sad

JonnyBigBoss4004d ago

You don't have to buy it if you don't want it. Lots of people want to experience DJing but don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a setup, and don't want to spend hundreds of hours learning. In DJ Hero, at least you get to experience what it's like to DJ and actually sound good.

I'm not buying it btw, but just my 2 cents.

kornbeaner4004d ago

I dont think this is about wanting to see a hero game fail as much as it is wanting something different. If we as consumers allow the publishers to keep making the same game with slight tweaks and buy them thats all we'll ever get from them. We need to speak with our greenbacks that we will not accept the same repackaged game every six months. I have nothing against the Hero series as they are pretty amusing but to have at least 30 titles on all platform of a series that is less then 10 years old is ludicrous, Activision has a reputation for milking a series until the consumer speaks with their money, Look at the Tony hawk series as an example, year after year of the same game and it took Skate from EA and us not buying the title to finally have them attempt something different with the series even though it looks lame at least its a risk. BTW on a different but related subject, those who buy the new tony hawk are lame, you can buy a real skateboard for what they are charging for the game. Do that instead.

Foliage4004d ago

But DJ Hero has nothing to do with being a DJ. They got everything wrong. First off, who the heck decided to put the buttons on the turntable? That is just a failure in the most epic proportions. Secondly, you are playing along to a prearranged song, you are not DJing in any way. "Scratch" on the other hand actually let's you DJ, and didn't put buttons on the turntable.

Seriously, buttons on a turntable is the equivalent of putting pedals on a wheelchair.

cyberwaffles4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

"You don't have to buy it if you don't want it. Lots of people want to experience DJing but don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a setup, and don't want to spend hundreds of hours learning.

the funny thing is that a lot of people end up spending hundreds of hours on a Guitar Hero game and spend hundreds of dollars trying to get the whole guitar hero soundtrack.

look, you can get a cheap squier guitar starter kit for about 200-250 bucks and just practice about 30 minutes a day to get better. or, if you just want a guitar, you can get a pretty decent guitar for about that same price range or even less. most people i know who play guitar hero end up playing it for hours a day which is more or less the same amount of time a person could use to practice on a real instrument.

not only that, maintaining a real instrument can, for the most part, cost less than what you would ever have to invest in a game.

so you buy the guitar hero band kit (which is about $180), buy the weekly DLC, buy the next Guitar Hero release (aerosmith, metallica, smash hits, whatever) for 60 bucks a pop, and you're already spending more than the necessary amount to play/practice a real instrument. not only that, you're limiting the songs you're playing to tracks whereas a real instrument allows you to play anything and create anything you want.

i've said it before and i'll say it again; if some of you people would quit making excuses like "its too hard to learn real guitar" and put hours into a real instrument compared to your game, you would be kirk 'effing hammett by now. and don't say you're not interested in guitar, drums, bass, or vocals because then you wouldn't even be playing the game.

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