Rare on Tight Schedule for Project Natal Game Development?

Split-Screen: "At least that's what the profile of Bjørn Toft Madsen, Software Director at Rare/Microsoft Games Studios, says. In working on a joint project between the two companies in the past three months, Madsen's role in the project is stated to be to 'Manage a large team of engineers working on a tight schedule to go from pre-production to finished product in a year'."

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Bumpmapping3295d ago

Poor Rare M$ is dragging them into the ground.

Ron_Burgundy3295d ago

poor Rare indeed, one of my favorite studios ever because of there N64 days, now dragged to the ground because of M$, how the mighty have sadly fallen :(

Bumpmapping3295d ago

Same here man I think it BS how M$ doesn't give them the time they need to develop games.I think they have alot more to prove this gen than what they have been showing us :(

BX813294d ago

That's not MS fault. Rare knows how to do their job if they needed more time all they have to do is open their mouth. You can't honestly think games don't get delayed?

Blacksand13294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Microsoft do there people wrong, they talking about going form pre-production to finish production in a year. Here we go again, that's why I don't have a Xbox, they did the same thing in 2005 to the 360 threw it out there for people to buy and didn't test for a the failure rate. They going to bundle it at $400 like a new console like the other article said, are sell it between $150 to $250 they know there people like spin money, if it was me I will be mad.

JokesOnYou3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Yeah and you know what kind of game it is already, it could be a Arcade level title or a basic casual game which doesn't take very long, but since the article says "Manage a large team of engineers" seems that whatever game it is, microsoft has brought in alot of manpower and resources to cut the dev time so the game can get finished sooner rather than later. lol, it seems they cant win with you sony extremists first they say "where's the games?", then they say "why are they rushing to make games?" Whatever you sony extremists are just jealous cause Natal doesn't have the ps logo attatched to it. This isn't Home. Get over it. lol


lowcarb3294d ago

The reason you never purchased an Xbox is because of your hate for MS being it's MS and a American company nothing more. All of you 1 console owners go ahead and miss out on the best of both worlds this gen. SOny and MS both are out for one thing(money) and that's it. For you to sit there and take it in the rear says a lot about your character. I bet no matter what Sony does wrong your going to give them a free pass and say it's ok mistakes happen.

kalebgray923294d ago

and never come out with anything good....not since golden eye

GameOn3294d ago

I enjoyed Viva Pinata and my mates enjoy Banjo N&B (spose to be very creative) I'm happy with their offerings so far.

HolyOrangeCows3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Banjo Kazooie: N&B ruined the sequel to one of my favorite games of all time. I want ''banjo threeie'' and I want the old titles transferred to the DS (Like Super Mario 64).

And then they made those pointless avatars. Whoopie.

Viva Pinata was okay.

Perfect Dark disappointed.

And since they're working for Microsoft now, they aren't allowed to make good sequels like one for Conker. They're only allowed to make games with stupid MP aspirations like racing.

cheapndirty3294d ago

Yeah they tried to evolve BK and it backfired. Give more of the same and people say 'did'nt evolve'. Move the game forward and you hear 'you did it wrong'. It is still a thinking mans games and is fun for the creative side. BK is very much an underrated game.

bigrudowsky3294d ago

viva pinata is a great game and i thought kameo was pretty damn good for a launch game

Kizwiz63294d ago

-What about Kameo? That was a good underrated game (especially for a launch title) just way too short..But Rare's older games are also short (Goldeneye, Banjo etc.)
-Viva Pinata was different and fun.
-PDZ had nice visuals (it was a launch title) but yeah it sucked.
-BK N&B is a good underrated game with stupid butt-hurt fanboys cant accept change.

But give Rare a chance, all these games have an average score of rougly 8.5 which is good.

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