PlayStationLifeStyle: PSP Mini Review – BreakQuest

With the recent launch of the new, digital only, PSPgo Sony introduced PSP Minis, bite sized games that are quick and easy to pick up and play while on the go. BreakQuest is one of the first games from this bold new direction that Sony is taking, one that in many ways brings the PSP in direct competition with the iPhone. In essence, BreakQuest on the PSP is a port of the classic arcade title of the same name, another take on the highly overcrowded genre of 'bat-the-ball' games that spawned since BreakOut and Arkanoid. However, unlike most BreakOut-clones, BreakQuest manages to differentiate itself from the majority of those games by providing several exciting and innovative features.

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Cajun Chicken3384d ago

Awesome but not as good as the PC original. Also pretty hard to control, at least on a PSP 1000. Worth the cheap price, though.

doctorstrange3384d ago

The fact that the D pad is for slower movements and the analogue nub is for speedy ones, ensures that you can move quite fast, yet still quite accurately

ps3gamerkyle3384d ago

Nice. I want a PSPgo...just so I can play some of the Minis!

Cajun Chicken3384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

You don't need one, they work for any model of PSP. :)

Breakquest works fine on even a PSP-1000. PSP Minis are just small digital download games, you can still get them through PC or PS3.

doctorstrange3384d ago

small, cheap and, most importantly, fun

Milky3384d ago

Yeah they are great. My favourite has to be Vempire though, its so addictive.

dopeboimagic923384d ago

Not expecting top scores for these minis but this one looks like a lot of fun.

Outrunner773384d ago

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draw is tomorrow at 2PM GMT, so its still awaiting for participants