IGN Responds to MusicHub Controversy

IGN responds to One Last Continue's inquiry into the origins of their less-than-impartial MusicHub web portal. Austin Walker talks to IGN's Peer Schneider to get to the bottom of the MusicHub situation.

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sa_nick3295d ago

I generally prefer IGN over most of the bigger gaming sites but this is a bunch of crap. You can't call something "music hub" then only feature one freakin brand of music gaming.

The GH franchise will do anything to get more sales, if only most people bothered to read reviews they'd see GH is clearly the inferior series and has rated lower than every Rock Band release.

Rifle-Man3295d ago

Looks pretty shady to me.

Man I hate where advertising is going.

slugg3295d ago

I have been going to their site for reviews, previews, walkthroughs and guides since the N64 days. News like this does not surprise me. Some people seem to forget a very important fact about the game industry: it is a business. It is about companies making money for their shareholders. This type of "underhanded" or "sneaky" advertising is not new; game companies have done things like pull ads from sites that give less-than-favorable reviews to their games in the past, and this is sort of the flip-side to that. What is scary is that as video games continue to grow in popularity, we have seen things like dynamic advertising in games on the rise, in-game branding and brand whoring (like DC shoes in Dirt 2, etc.), and promotions that link certain games to specific products (Halo and Mt. Dew). So on one hand, you have artists, writers, designers working to get their games valued as the artistic contrabutions they are, but then you have publishers making God of War dolls to cash in on their work in any way possible. Whats next, ads during loading sequences? Having to do marketing surveys before you can enter a games on-line lobby?