GameTrailers Defends Their Uncharted 2 Review

Examiner: GameTrailers, one of the most popular video game websites, recently reviewed and gave Uncharted 2: Among Thieves a 9.3 score out of 10. Apparently, that didn't sit well with a few people. Shane Satterfield, Editor-in-Chief of GameTrailers, decided to defend his review of the Playstation 3 exclusive game in the latest Invisible Walls podcast.

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Tinted Eyes3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

"When we review games, we put an extremely high emphasis on originality. "

Ok good, bookmarked, watch them give a high score to Modern Warfare 2 and not dock any points for lack of originality.

El_Colombiano3294d ago

COD:MW2 10/10 watch. Stupid media.

mintaro3294d ago

They are right, from the looks of it Uncharted 2 doesn't add anything new, it just builds upon stuff given by other games and improves on them.

TheHater3294d ago

This that guy mention Gears of War
What have Gear of War done that was original? Nothing.
Gears of War story was horrible to say the least
The single player was shorter than my pubic-hairs.
The online is a lag fest and a glitch fest.
Gamertrailers will find anything to criticize a PS3 exclusive.
Look at their review for forza 3. The mention so many negative things, but yet the still gave it a 9+. What has forze done that is original that hasn't been done in games in the past? Nothing.

Megaton3294d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

They gave Halo 3 a 9.8, the highest score GT has given any game to date. Emphasis on originality my ass. Must be an exclusive rule for PS3 titles.

FlameBaitGod3294d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

LOL Y DO YOU GUYS EVEN BOTHER WITH GT, this guys where the ones using ps3 vids and sayign it was playing on 360 ROFL. GT are baddies and fb's.

@xiphos, MS gives gift baskets to many reviewer's when they send their game, and i belive they are pretty good, so y would any 1 want those gifts to stop coming

mintaro3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Well i'm not much a racing buff but i don't seem to recall a sim racing game with the amount of depth and customization features for cars as forza 3. As a matter of fact i think that there is even an in game store that allows you to sell, trade and buy custom made designs, logos, and even cars with different parts for in game credits, made by actual players.

The fact that people are still comparing a 2 year old game like Halo3 to the games of today says quite a lot.

3293d ago
Information Minister3293d ago

...I stopped listening to reviewers when they told me Enter the Matrix was a good game, but I was suspicious of them even before that. I don't know why you guys still trust them.

Think about it! We've seen it all this gen, from wildly fluctuating standards to reviewers getting fired for giving the "wrong score" to a game. Don't let other people tell you what to play.

SupaPlaya3293d ago

GTAIV? Just curious.

Even though 9.3 is a good score, I think they should try scoring all together because of inconsistencies. Just say rent/buy/must buy or something.

Hutch23553293d ago

and has to defend himself. How sad are the fanboys. Man, I am sure the 360 fanboys do the same thing, but really, people argue and most havent' even played the game yet. wait till you play the full game, then you can complain about a score. Baby

Can't wait to lose my bubble for this comment.

sunil3293d ago

I will never trust the reviews given by and thats the bottom line

Knghtz3293d ago

Why should he have to defend his review?

Who. The. Hell. Cares.

Seriously, this is not news.

DaTruth3293d ago

Why are we even discussing the 9.3. It was the bashfest review with spoilers that was the problem! As I remember, everyone was very upset over the tone of the review.

firelogic3293d ago

Seriously. When they slap a 9.5+ on MW2, bombard Shane with messages quoting the crap that he himself wrote about originality.

beans3293d ago

The biggest bunch of cry babies that cry foul everytime somebody doesn't agree with them. It's a conspiracy folks a full blown conspiracy I tell ya. You know the sad thing is we can't even tell if the reviews for PS3 games are the actual scores these sites wanted to put out to begin with. I bet these reviews are nothing more than sympathy scores to ease the tension between the media and all you sdf whiners.

whothedog3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )


I just found out about this recently, did everyone else already know about this?

They aren't going to have the competition doing better in their reviews if they are trying to promote/advertise a certain product on their sites and in the media. and a $500 million dollar deal I think
would help them do that.

might be reading to much into that though, anyways

If anything get rid of the decimal system, do you really notice a .1-.2 difference between anything?

rucky3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Demon Souls = 8.9
Halo ODST = 8.9

Emphasis on originality? Again these sites aren't hiding their fanboyism well enough with their inconsistencies.

boodybandit3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Sorry Shane but no one is buying it.
There is no reason for damage control or defending a review unless you don't believe in what was written.

mal_tez923293d ago

I put fun factor first, then features, then production values, and originality last.

DreamcastFanboy3293d ago

No, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter got a 9.9 which is the highest they gave to any game.

morganfell3293d ago

The very fact they feel they have to defend the score speaks volumes. If they were so confident in the score they gave they wouldn't have said a word. But Shane Satterfield has an agenda and he has demonstrated this repeatedly. Now he is having difficulty in justifying something he knows was wrong.

He went to far and he knows it. Gametrailers is going down, it is just a matter of time. The best thing is they did it to themselves.

Just remember Shane, even Gamespot thought they were so big nothing could happen. So did EGM. Watch that first step, it's a hell of a drop.

SiteNblog Defender3293d ago

Uncharted 2 is just Gear of War and Tomb Raider slapped together. Good review from GameTrailers. 9.3 is still great ffs.

pippoppow3293d ago

I think most gamers are just fed up with the inconsistency of reviewers. 9.3 is a great score but is this game only .4 points better than the last? Multi-player added with improved graphics and bigger more lavish environments only adds up to .4 difference?! Actually I do not think .1 scoring systems are necessary because who can really discern between .1-.4 points? .5 maybe.

IM has the right idea. Stop trusting reviewers to determine how good a game is. BTW I disagree with Enter The Matrix being a bad game. I liked it.

only on playstaychun3293d ago

If originality is such a big issue for GT, how come just last year Gears 2 outscored LBP? Not only last years GOTY but possbily the most innovative game you will ever play this gen. GT are bias and have always been.

thereapersson3293d ago

And Gears of War is just Kill.Switch with a new graphics engine and aliens instead of terrorists. See what I did there?

sikbeta3293d ago

poor mintaro, he blindly believe that halo is the first FPS ever made and Gears is so original, I mean the First Game with an space marine with big guns, wow... but but the cover zyztem, kill.switch says Hi

MNicholas3293d ago

9.3 isn't a bad score, it's about as low a score as he could have given without guaranteeing a severe backlash, but his claim that the game lacks innovation is simply wrong.

Uncharted 2 is actually very innovative. There are enough gameplay elements that have never been done before. Ironically, you can see it in his review video!

Same goes for Killzone 2.

In contrast, Gametrailers obviously feels that Gears 2 and Halo 3 are both incredibly innovative games.

facepalm3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

The fact that they even questioned **themselves regarding** their review raised my eyebrow. I mean, it's a 9.3, it's a good score. If you are that confident in your review then there is no reason to defend yourself.

But in all seriousness, the review was totally spoiler-filled, added with un-called for bashing of the first game. If you knew that the game is going to be released after the review you minus well be a kind soul and leave out the spoilers.

EDIT ADDED: Added two words highlighted by "**"

Deputydon3293d ago

It did do something different though.

It took the great stuff from 'great' games and put them all into one excellent package.

Uncharted was the most cinematic revolution of a video game since MGS1. Uncharted 2 builds upon that even further.

Uncharted 2 has unmatched animations. There is no other game that even comes close.

It's the first game to have a built in Machinima mode. (which Halo 3 does NOT have).

Hell it's even one of the first PS3 games to use trophies for something in terms of in game content. Unlocking certain trophies unlocks in game skins.

Mozilla893293d ago

What was worse for me was the amount of spoilers in the review. I highly recommend people who don't want to know at least one twist to the story to not watch it.

Christopher3293d ago

Shouldn't the mass of majority of games since 2004 be scored lower and lower considering it's damn hard to really do something original?

Look, here's my primary issue with your review, GT: You spent half of the time complaining that the game didn't do anything new and has a few issues like every other game. Compared to other games, though, which had tons of flaws, also were not original or really went to a new generation with only the second game in the franchise, and ended up having reviews that were pretty generic and yet scoring equal to or higher than Uncharted 2.

Screw the score, how about you look at the actual text of the reviews and try to come up with a matrix of detailing the pros and cons at a level respectively equivalent to the level of pros and cons in the game. Your review really made me wonder if every other reviewer who said only a few sentences of bad things and paragraph upon paragraph of good things had played a different game than GameTrailers.

kws10653293d ago

how hard to undo what has been spoken. Watch your mouth and just shut the hell up. Speaking more only makes things worse.

And now let's see what they will give to MW2.

kws10653293d ago

I have never seen this much streamlined story-telling from game to event and vice versa. Have you, GT?

ND's presentation trick is so genious. It just breaks the wall between game and movie.

evrfighter3293d ago

"The very fact they feel they have to defend the score speaks volumes."

Indeed it does. Means we need more tear buckets around here.

Ravage273293d ago

if MW2 gets anything above 9.3 then, since that's the max for any games without originality. I'm so going to make it awkward for them.

WenisWagon3293d ago

Seriously, GT was EXTREMELY generous with their review giving Uncharted 2 a 9.3. Yet these stupid PlayBabies still cry about not being high enough? Man, I guess unless you give all PS exclusives a 10/10, then you must be against PS3! What good logic they have.

Foliage3293d ago

Hey "evrfighter" stop crying, just buy a PS3 and then you can join the discussion about 9.7+ games.

Sarcasm3293d ago

I usually listen to the invisible walls podcast/video thing, and judging off of that he's not biased against the PS3. HOWEVER, his claim of "lack of originality doesn't deserve anything over a 9.3" is mind boggling considering how ODST got an 8.9. I mean, if "Originality" is the staple of their game reviews, then ODST should have gotten a 6 at best.

While nobody is really arguing the score of 9.3, it's his context that is questionable.

Oh well, let's move on folks. Uncharted 2 is only a few days away.

flash743293d ago

First off, what's wrong with a 9.3 score? Once you hit 9.0 or better, that typically means that the reviewer feels it's worth buying. I don't see why people in here feel that only their opinion matters and anyone who disagrees is an idiot. Secondly, how Modern Warfare 2 got dragged into this I'd love to know. It will bring some new tricks to the table such as leveling up your perks, and controlling various things such as the AC130 and your Predator strikes in multiplayer. It may not be revolutionary, but it's new to the series. As far as MW2 possibly out-scoring Uncharted 2, that's kind of expected by those of us who play multi-system and try not to get caught up in this fanboy B.S. Infinity Ward would have to really tank this one not to blow everything out of the water. The gameplay looks absolutely amazing, and just like COD4 (which is still one of the top played console games 2yrs. later), it should be a top performer for quite some time to come.

masterg3293d ago

Nothing original??

I don't remember the last time I saw gameplay inside a falling building where the physics engine makes furniture react realistically. It's physics on top of physics.

dreamcast3293d ago

First of all, you guys should realize that Uncharted 2 is getting amazing scores. Is the gametrailer review BS? Yes. Will you guys be able to play it in less than a week? Yes, and that's all that matters.

Anyways... this is an interesting topic, so I'll add my two cents. IMO, originality is too subjective to be a big part of reviewing a game. It's ironic that he brought up Mario Galaxy, which basically contradicted everything he was saying about why originality is an important part of a game.

Mario Galaxy was amazing. He implies a big part of this is because it did stuff that we've never seen before, mainly spherical levels. Well, I guess he's never played Ratchet and Clank, since I remember doing that on the PS2. Some people (and reviewers) think Bioshock is incredibly original even though I consider it System Shock 2 underwater. Buy why should a review dock points off of Bioshock knowing full well that a lot of the people reading have no idea what System Shock 2 is? Just because the review may or may not find something original doesn't mean the reader will.

Kain813293d ago


Game13a13y3293d ago

100% with you. alot of BS flying around in those big websites that we don't know which is to trust anymore. we really should have a system where we can rate those reviewers so they will be extra careful of what kind of bullcrap they are spreading from their hole.

ultimolu3293d ago

mintaro, you're kidding me, right? How about the fact that Uncharted 2 is a GREAT game and 1up should give it the credit it deserves? I don't get this. Why is a PS3 exclusive held under so much scrutiny but when it comes to a 360 exclusive or a multiplatform game (Modern Warfare for example) they're given free passes?

The media is running out of things to attack the PS3 for so they have to attack the games. Oh dear, it's not original enough!1111 It doesn't offer anything new!!!!111

What happened to the fact it's an amazing gane? Why is it held under a magnifying glass?

Really sickening...

Time_Is_On_My_Side3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

What's really funny is that the Gears of War series is a action-shooter in third person and the Uncharted series is an action-adventure in third person; they are both from two different genres all together. Uncharted should be compared to GTA, Mirror's Edge, or Metroid Prime and Gears of War should be compared to Killzone 2, Halo 3, or Far Cry 2; games that belong to the same genre.

That's just my opinion, and is why I say Game Trailers is kind of bias, you wouldn't compare Fable 2 with Gran Thieft Auto 4, I wouldn't because it's an RPG I would compare it to White Knight. And guess what, I'm a Sony Fan, lol; stick that in your pipe and smoke it (to people who hate Sony fans).

gaffyh3293d ago

This is the most retarded response I've ever heard. He basically gave the game a lower score because it did everything right. Why would you compromise your game and add something people wouldn't like?

It's a ridiculous response considering U2 has machinima, co-op and fantastic multiplayer as well as the single player campaign. I don't really care about their score, because I'm getting the game no matter what, but it's obvious to see he is biased.

CrazzyMan3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )


ShadowCK3293d ago

"They gave Halo 3 a 9.8, the highest score GT has given any game to date. Emphasis on originality my ass. Must be an exclusive rule for PS3 titles."

ITT: Fanboys cry over a game which they have never played.

Halo 3 has a ton of originality unlike Uncharted 2 (New vehicles, equipment, Multiplayer), It's obvious you've never played Halo 3 and are still trying to jack off Uncharted 2.

Uncharted 2 is still an incredible game but like GameTrailers said, it's lack originality. Let's face it, it's basically a Gears of Tomb Raider game.

Rainstorm813293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

As an avid gamer Halo 3 DID NOT do much original and I have played and beaten (numerous times) every Halo except ODST. "Halo 3 has a ton of originality unlike Uncharted 2 (New vehicles, equipment, Multiplayer)," New vehicles? or do you mean the vehicles they meant to add in halo 2 like the ATV. Multiplayer??? you do know Halo 1 had multiplayer and Halo 2 took it online the only Original thing is Halo's Forge mode. As for equipment alot of the equipment was existing items from other games retooled to fit the Halo Universe.

Bottom line Halo ODST got a pass with a 8.9 (it has the EXACT multiplayer from Halo 3 for 60 bucks forget unoriginal thats just lazy)

how about this for original...How many games have released a game the second in a franchise (in the same generation 2 years no less) and it's far ahead of the original?

Not Gears, Not Resistance, Not L4D, Not Mario Galaxy, Not Halo and i dont think MW2 will be that ahead of MW1. Now go research those sequals with GT.

3293d ago
WMW3293d ago

i swear 360 fanboys are the stupidest people on the planet how many times do people have to tell you its not the score dumbass its the fact that fanboys like yourself are getting jobs as professional game journalist and ruining the integrity of the game industry.

BulletToothtony3293d ago

and then come back and tell me that originality it's so important with a straight face..

presto7173293d ago

The whole thing is very partial.

2cents3293d ago

Uncharted 2 is great, we all know it, most of us will buy it, and a score over 9 is amazing!

All i can see is wah wah wah, come on people, its not politics, its not religion its bloody gaming, have some fun and take that godamn broom out your asses!

acedoh3293d ago

Game Trailers and their PS3 reviews should make the biggest statement they can make and not visit their site. That is the biggest way to make a statement. These sites exist because of hits. Obviously the more hits they can get the more advertising they can sell and the higher price they can ask. If PS3 owners take the right stance and avoid Game Trailers then that will force their site to start doing things the right way.

evrfighter3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

"Hey "evrfighter" stop crying, just buy a PS3 and then you can join the discussion about 9.7+ games. "

why would I want ANOTHER ps3? I'm beginning to regret buying the one I have now. I only played it the first 2 weeks I had it...stupid me I could have bought another bada$$ pc monitor.

dustgavin3293d ago

"GT was EXTREMELY generous with their review giving Uncharted 2 a 9.3."

You are such a tool. You think that this game has a 97 on Metacritic for nothing? Run back to bed cause Milo is calling for you.

Alvadr3293d ago

Seriously, GT responding has to be the dumbest thing ever. They are just fanning the fanboy flames.

They gave it a score (a great one at that), they gave their opinion and thats all the needs to be said. Them going back over the originality comment is just plain digging themselves into a ditch and letting it get blown way out of proportion.

Its just one persons opinion!

WenisWagon3293d ago

And 1/4 of the scores that were 97+ were from PlayStation related sites/magazines. Just saying.

hades073293d ago

That seems like the only thing 90% of N4G users know how to do, it was once 360 fans and now its the PS3 fans. You give people a choice to air their opinion and it seems like all they know how to do is complain instead of having a constructive discussion. It's a 9.3 out of 10, that is an amazing score, stop complaining will you.

If they gave it 10/10 then you would talk about great it is THEN start with the snide remarks about how its on the ps3 as an exclusive, the 360 sucks, etc.

Shepherd 2143293d ago

Gametrailers gave Halo 3 a 9.8 because no other console game to date has ever put in a theater mode to take video clips and screenshots with, custom games mode with the most in-depth gametype modifier ever, a map editor, and advertise and stick it all into a file share system to send to your friends and let them view it whenever they want. No other console game has done that. Ever. Extremely innovative.

On a side note, Halo 3 refined its gameplay mechanics as well.

dustgavin3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

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NewZealander3293d ago

damn i remember when review scores were just single numbers, like 9/10 but now they throw in a .0 and oh what a fuss if that point isnt big enough!

seriously i cant wait to play UC2 but people need to grow up, GT gave the game a great score, its up to them what they score a game, its an opinion, its not guaranteed to match everyone else's opinion, and at the end of the day they have played the game, have we?

people can say bias all they like, but to me it looks like ps3 fanboys have a bit of control over review scores too, the pressure they put on reviewers to score the game the way they think it should be scored, and the ensuing backlash when its not must surely make some people think twice about how they score games, the fanboy side of the sony community is very aggressive, its embarrassing and sad.

hades073293d ago

Go New Zealander, totally agree with every single thing you just said.

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TheHater3294d ago

lolz....Shows how the media is bias and have not idea about past games other than this generation of over hype games with a sh!t load of glitches.

Have this guy not played Ratchet and Clank? People who played all the previous ratchet and clank games know why I copy and pasted that quote.

MNicholas3293d ago

150 million PS2 owners who either own or know someone who owns R&C games.

mastiffchild3293d ago

But , also, R&C got their score docked in GS for having too much variety, IIRC, so Insomniac really can't win even though they did introduce all the platforming elements that GT are pretending SMG(another great game, mind) did. He does shoot himself in the foot rather, by showing such massive ignorance.

Maybe he never played TOD? Or UYA? Oh, what's the point? 9.3 is a lot better than I expected from a site who've astually been caught rying to con people and then said "well you can't stop us". Why should anyone care what these amateurs(even if they are a big site professionals with class would never behave how they have in the past)crap out.

I don't care if they have a bias or not. Fact is their reviews and featyres just aren't well done, they proved themselves capable of BS before and worst of all seemed rather smag about it. Again, why would anyone truly care what they say? That "innovation" argument is BS as well. Every great game steals something(Gears stole from Kill/switch)and most great sequels don't change much from the last game(Halo3,R2)so when thse games can still get amazing scores it shoots it down as an excuse to hammer others, doesn't it? And wouldn't that make Mirror's Edge a certain 10 anyway? Genius steals, talent borrows and it's as true in games as in music or literature. The gfreat ideas have all been done now and it's all about execution(on the whole) and I've not seen a better executed game than U2 for a long time.So I don't really need GT's approval or otherwise-so why should anyone complain?

3293d ago
RadientFlux3294d ago

Personally I've stopped reading Uncharted 2 reviews weeks ago, after I made my decision in purchasing the game.

What I find laughable is that people are upset at a score of 9.3, espically when the last line in the review is "go buy the game. If you have a PS3, go freaking buy it."

evolution543294d ago

I don't think people are that mad at the actual score than with how GT actually scores a game. They are saying that originality plays a huge part in determining the score and yet there are tons of games that have NO ORIGINALITY whatsoever and yet still receive high scores. That right there is a double standard.

Ashriel3293d ago

Well, first of all, the guy quoted here DID NOT review Gears of War 2.

Besides, they explained that, they said their standards are raising with time (Halo 3 came out in 2007, before COD4, Crysis, Killzone 2 and Uncharted... by the time it came out it was really good, thus the high score, that's why ODST didn't even get a 9 on GT too).

And they ask, what would happen if a true original game appears, are they gonna rate it 11/10? They have to use the full scale.