Seattle Times: Microsoft's portable WILL support games

According to Seattle Times' Brier Dudley, Microsoft's new iPod killer will indeed support games. But wait! Don't scream anything about playing Halo on it yet, as he does not give any specific reference to any official Microsoft representive. Codenamed "Argo", which is a massive warship that the powerful Greek hero Jason used in ancient Greek mythology.

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Schmitty076173d ago

After the lackluster library of games for the PSP, I'm wondering if it is even worth buying another handheld. The only one that knows how to do it is Nintendo.

Shadow Flare6173d ago

The handheld market just isnt as big as the console market and once again microsoft SCRAPE in, trying to get a slice of the market. Personally, i seriously think the Xboy is gonna crash and burn because for a handheld market, all anyone needs is 2 topend consoles to choose from, tops.

The Xboy is sounding very similar to the PSP in my eyes. Sure it will have differences, but will anyone care? In my eyes, no.

Microsoft's come in on the game too late, and unless it does something incredibly radically different to the PSP, (which is worth buying the handheld for) then its gonna crash and burn.

The PSP in my eyes is an excellent system in itself, its the game developers fault for not developing exciting and innovative games that take advantage of what the PSP has to offer.

But with the whole library of psone games arriving on the psp from '06-'07, there will be plenty of great games for the psp to come



I bet a million bucks.

Marriot VP6173d ago (Edited 6173d ago )

Yah I can't wait for the Live Anywhere and many features It'll have.

This device really should be the ultimate 360 mobile add on. No other cellphone or MP3 player should have more features on it than this.

That's why it's exciting, we need a picture.

The BS Police6173d ago (Edited 6173d ago )

I have came up with an awesome name for Microosfts possible upcoming handheld

Microsoft should call it... "The Xbot".

Sonyfanboys inults seem to only help Micosoft, lol.

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