Why the Japanese hate the 360

Speaking at the Nordic Games convention, Matsuura said the problem was with the AC adapter. Presumably, the Japanese don't like a giant brick lying around in their living room or bedroom as it is an ugly sight to see. Hiding the brick seems not to be the answer, but not buying the machine itself seems to solve the problem for consumers

ChefDejon6036d ago

i remember there being a article of the same person saying that the japenese didnt like the ps3 because it was too big and it go approved easy. its only fair.

clownfacemcgee6036d ago

I'm not a 360 fan, and maybe the power brick is a little bit annoying, but that's not keeping them from buying this console. There's nothing keeping them from buying the PS3 and it will pick up steam i time as games that the Japanese like come out.

What's holding back the 360 is 2 things. One, the games for it are distinctly western style and while I don't claim to know a lot about Japanese culture, I don't think the games for the 360 have much appeal. And two, ethnocentricity. People all around the world are ethnocentric and will have doubts about a foreign console. The 360 is American and did better in America. The PS3 is Japanese and did better in Japan (per capita anyways). Sorry Europeans that you don't make a console, but you can just keep a peein' (worst pun ever).

wildcat6036d ago

But most people don't even know it has a power brick. I'm willing to bet that if someone wants a compelling game, they won't let something like a power-brick get in the way. In Japan, the situation is that the 360 doesn't have brand recognition or many games that appeal to their flavor of games.

power of Green 6036d ago

I'm sure the other consoles will catch up to the 360 in the RPG/Race/Action genre's.

gta_cb6036d ago (Edited 6036d ago )

"the Japanese don’t like a giant brick lying around in their living room or bedroom as it is an ugly sight to see."

WOW thats the problem! hey MS just make a smaller power brick and you can sell loads in Japan.... no, i doubt its the power brick. i have hiden mine to make sure it doesnt make my Xbox 360 overheat, i dont mind seeing it.... but yeh would be nice if it was just a lead like the PS2 has (not sure about the PS3 as i dont own 1).

FeralPhoenix6036d ago (Edited 6036d ago )

yeah, you're right; That's it!, of course I should have known that the 360 wasn't selling in Japan because they don't like "a giant brick lying around in their living room or bedroom as it is an ugly sight to see." Somehow I never see it, unless I go digging up the power cords behind my TV -lol, maybe he meant to say that the 360 itself is the "giant brick". -Wow, and the excuse for the PS3 is that its "simply too big". -Well Sony better release that "Slim PS3" soon....very soon. -lmfao, this guy does not speak for the majority of Japanese....they buy the console that has the "appealing games" and gameplay...the bottom line is the Wii sells because of the price, the new controls and the cute charachters that Japanese gamers and mostly kids love.

vvvv Thanks!

kewlkat0076036d ago (Edited 6036d ago )

I'm jealous, I like your setup..., what kind of TV/stand is that?

Anyhow the first XBOX was a beast and wasn't too pretty, now the 360 which is a lot smaller but you just can't hide that power brick, and we know Japanese is lacking space. Then again the PS3 is a giant compared to the 360. So I'm not sure about that.

I understand the lack of games that suite their taste, but as I can see it, Japanese culture is becoming more open towards western/european games, and are having more gamers subscribe to online services.

Give me a break JAPAN. No need to come up with dull Excuses, not that I care, I have plenty of space for that power brick. Can't believe a "power brick" is why Japan is willingly be held hostage by SONY and NINTENDO.

gta_cb6036d ago

yeh man i think its stupid to blame it on something like the "power brick" lol stupid!

oh and yet again showing off your quality set up i see ;) its quite impressive! i own a 32" HDREADY tv and its mounted to my bedroom wall, but it doesnt look as impressive as yours lol.

artman6036d ago

I have japanese friends here, I've ask them...

first... they dont like the design "cheap looks" (one of them said) honestly it is...

second... the adaptor is really disturbing... dude~ we have tons of cables already. not included ps2, xbox, ps3 and wii.

third... understand the culture of japan, their house is tide, i mean really small... they live in a very small room/flat. check at google for japanese apartment... their apartment maybe as small as your room. (well that's a common in japan)

the other reason is not yet included noise and heat (overheat)
I've lived in a small flat... it is bothering to have extra adaptor... check japanese mobilephones... their adaptor is really small and portable, and mostly they have include the dock for charging. "it's called simple" japanese love anything simple than complicated, even their work is really complicated.

about the PS3 size, I can admit the size is a giant ... but it looks good, I'm not sure about you guys... but for me the design is good and eye catching... but I like the wii better personally... small and cute (that's what japanese mostly have taste on)

please understand the culture first before saying anything... we can appreciate your culture (western and others)

kewlkat0076036d ago (Edited 6036d ago )

You hit all the Points bro, bubble for you. No wonder, everybody in japan is swimming in Wii's, and HANDHELDS, because they have room for them.

I PS3 is GIANT but it looks slick, anyhow is there really room for 2-3 Consoles in japanese apartments? While I eventually get all 3 consoles, I feel like its either a Nintendo or a Sony product over there. I don't know if they fit all 3 over there. The only reason japanese would buy a 360 is becasue of the games, and right now the 360 hasn't stolen most of the big guns to warrant a "NOW" purchase, well maybe in the future.

Dang all these setups make me ashamed of my Dinky(but heavy) 27 inch HD CRT. I think in 4-5 months I gonna upgrade the TV and such, but for now I'm not posting any pics..haha

How come we don't have a "Post a Picture of your setup" Page?

Why o why6036d ago

Seems like the future is now. Do you think i could fit a 360 in somewhere????

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL6036d ago

Well my penis is BIGGER then yours!

FeralPhoenix6036d ago (Edited 6036d ago )

Wow, this non-issue has about 50 comments and I read them all. I wish people wouldn't have brought racism into the subject because thats really not the reason. As I have said before I have actually lived in Japan on and off for more than 4 yrs now (job related)and actually my wife is Japanese(a beautiful *English* teacher...OMG how lucky am I!!) anyway while ipods do sell very well in Japan....its a totally different mentality when it comes to videogames, they don't hate M$, but they do have a long and important place in history when it comes to videogames, which makes them less likely to purchase a foreign company's consoles or games, the mood is "slowly" changing, but it will be a long time before the masses will give ANY foreign company serious attention in the videogame market.

I understand that this could be "percieved" as racism, but its different because it isn't about "hate" its about being loyal/respectful of your history/culture and trying to preserve it as long as possible.....either way M$ has to deliver the GAMES that appeal to Japanese gamers, which is the only thing that will help "slowly" change their minds. "Their house is small", blah, blah, etc. while true (I lived in them) is really silly reason to think the power brick is what's holding M$ back (their not that small -lol), sure some may not like it but it would sell better if the mass Japanese gamers felt more open to foreign companies and there were more Japanese oriented games.

@ kewlkat, its a Z-lined designer 50"HDTV stand.....Hey guys thanks for the compliments; @ drtysouf and why o why those are cool setups as well. I'd love to see more personal "set-up" pics from N4G members. -"Its a good time to be a Gamer".

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Saint Sony6036d ago (Edited 6036d ago )

What a great use of word "HATE"...not. Japanese don't hate 360 or PS3. Wii just happens to make them go "WANT WANT WANT!" for some reason and it is not aesthetics alone. Aesthetics are important what comes to product design, but I think it can be said that true gamers don't give a sh!t if the console with games of his/hers liking is a bit bigger than some in the market.