Icrontic: The Saboteur breaks new ground in technology as a storytelling device

Video interview with Pandemic developers Christopher Hunt and Tom French. Details are revealed on the game's engine and more importantly the groundbreaking presentation that puts the story first.

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chrisWhite3323d ago

I'm so excited for this game, it looks amazing!

WildArmed3323d ago

hell yeah! esp. after that gentlemen's club trailer they showed awhile ago lol

UPSLynx3323d ago

Chris Hunt and Tom French are both great guys. We got to interact with them a lot at E3. Smart dudes and classy hosts.

The use of color in The Saboteur is compelling. Games have done the saturation changes before, but I love that in the Saboteur, color helps communicate friendliness and progress a story.

ian723323d ago

I am looking forward to seeing how this game turns out. It is looking good at the moment with the vidoes I have seen.

LinuxGuru3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

I love how they go on and on about ambient occlusion, but then go to say:

1) It's not real-time
2) It's baked in using AutoDesk SoftImage

Makes me glad for games like Crysis and Uncharted 2 that perform it in real-time. I would rather have more natural-looking real-time effects and sacrifice some geometry here and there and maybe a texture or two way off in the distance. Once you see how nice real-time Screen Space Ambient Occlusion is, you won't want any baked-in substitute. It's beautiful. Wanna see it for yourself? Play Uncharted 2. Walk near a wall or throw an object near a surface and you'll see some real-time SSAO. Neat stuff, and very convincing.

Also, subsurface scattering has been around for 4 years now. Funny how they throw these terms around like it's teh awesomeness and it's new, when we've seen good games with good engines using this tech for 4 years now.

Look, Pandemic is a good developer and all, but they need to cut the crap and give us what we want:

A next-generation Star Wars Battlefront.

Pandamobile3323d ago

I agree.

But Free Radical (now Crytek UK) were the ones developing Battlefront 3.

LinuxGuru3323d ago


I hope it doesn't die off or get axed, because I swear that SW: BF3 is what the fans want, not more Mercenaries or new IPs right now.

Give us our next-gen sequel, make some bookoo cash, and use that cash to go on and make your new IP.

Pandamobile3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Maybe when Crytek UK is done with the console side of Crysis 2, we'll get a Battlefront 3 on the Cry Engine.

I saw "were" because Free Radical went bankrupt before Crytek scooped them up. Everyone assumed that that was the end of SW:BF3.

UPSLynx3323d ago

Subsurface scattering is not new tech, true, but doing it in real time is still a difficult thing. Crysis was one of the first games to really achieve true real-time SSS. Many developers don't view it as an important addition, especially in a 3rd person action game.

It's an engine developed in-house, and though they might not be breaking bleeding edge barriers, they do have a very capable engine on their hands.

And as far as the PC release is concern, perhaps real-time Ambient Occlusion could be possible, theoretically. I doubt they'd make quite a change, though (being constricted by the limitations of console hardware in development hurts the PC gamers in the end, sadly. Never fails)

Pandamobile3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Quite a few games nowadays on PC have SSAO options. Off the top of my head I can list Red Faction: Guerrilla and Burnout Paradise.

It typically rapes performance on mid-range GPUs though.

When I tried enabling SSAO on Burnout Paradise on my 8800 GTS rig, the FPS went from 60 maxed out with full anti-aliasing to ~30.

When I did the same thing with my GTX 295 rig, the FPS stayed solid at 90.

You can enable SSAO in any game by turning it on in your Nvidia control panel.

MostJadedGamer3302d ago

LinuxGuru speak for yourself! I could care less about a crappy Star Wars game. The Saboteur is first game from this developer that I am interested in. This is the kind of innovative new IP that I, and a lot of other people want.

A innovative, and fesh take on WWII in a open world-free roam. These are the kind games I want. Not a crappy Star Wars game.

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Cliff Forster3323d ago

You have to give them credit for finding a fresh angle for a WWII game. Just when you think WWII is tapped out, they make it fresh. I have high hopes for this title.