Platinum Games distances themselves from PS3 Bayonetta

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine, which contains a preview of [Bayonetta], features a disclaimer informing readers that Sega is behind the PS3 port of the game.

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shadowfox3388d ago

Played the demo, while it's obvious the 360 version is better, I didn't think the PS3 one played that bad. Definitely reminiscent of the 2007 era port jobs though.

gaffyh3388d ago

Wow, sucks that PS3 owners will get shafted on this game. Always lead on the PS3.

gauntletpython3388d ago

IMO this is something more developers should do. That way people like Valve don't get thrown into a fire when companies like EA mess up their ports.

deadreckoning6663388d ago

I was buying this for the PS3, but not if I know ill be getting sloppy seconds. I'll wait till the full game to come out and see some impressions of both versions.

CadDad3388d ago

Developers who farm out ports of their games should be held responsible for the ports.

Even if they never intended for the game to be released as a port on a 2nd console, they should still have enough pride in their game to makes sure the port is made to their standards or accept the consequences from gamers.

Let's say you own a graphic design business and you sell T-shirts. The T-shirts you make are good quality cotton with graphics that are well made and applied. They last a long time. Would you allow a 2nd party to make T-shirts with your name and graphics on them and be made from crappy quality cotton and have the graphics peel and deteriorate?

Even if it's not your 'work' it still is. Get what I'm saying? The devs should be ashamed.


vhero3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Actually there obviously following the suit of other devs the new way of marketing games is using the 360 sakes to fund ps3 development. It just makes so much sense :). 360 cheaper to develop for as its built like a pc more than a games console so devs can build a lot quicker and easier thus get the game out quicker make some cash to fund the ps3 release and thus make an even BETTER PS3 release. I mean NG2, SO4 and many others have proved this works great! Why wouldn't PG follow suit so instead of blabbing on about a demo (there don't even have the same amount of content and you claim ones better? your a moron!) how about you look at the facts and make a prediction eh?

Noctis Aftermath3388d ago

Way to show a lack of confidence in your product, i don't care if someone else is doing the port for you, you chose them to do it cause you expected them to do a decent job(which sega prob will by the time it's finished).

To not stand by a product you are trying to sell only screams that you think it's going to be bad, so why the Fk are you still selling it if you think the port will be of poor quality?? DELAY IT then ffs, until it's at a quality you can be satisfied with, don't try to place all the blame on SEGA.

A delayed game that releases with the same quality is better then a screwed up port that's released at the same time as the xbox version.

StanLee3388d ago

Look Sega is the game's publisher and in lew of any kind of exclusive agreement with Microsoft, they can release a multiplatform title. Maybe it was never Platinum Games' intention to release the game multiplatform and the port was a decision of the publisher who took on the responsibility of the port themselves.

negative_03388d ago

What I'm wondering though is whether or not Sega will continue the effort to improve the game for the US/EU release. I mean the game is coming out this month in Japan so would that ultimately mean that once those versions are released, thats what we'll be getting anyways. Could Sega still improve the game after the Japan release?

sikbeta3388d ago

here we go again
shadowfox try to explain that to the fanboyz, it's going to be something like: bla bla bla our verzion of Bayonetta iz better than yourz bla bla bla....

gaffyh3388d ago

@1.9 - Doesn't that always happen lol. If you've only got one console (like fanboys do), you have no choice but to get the game on your system so it shouldn't matter to you really. But if you have a choice, it seems like the 360 version will be the way to go, although if the differences are minimal I'll try and get this for PS3, because the controller is better for these types of games.

MAiKU3388d ago

It's obvious that another game falls victim to porting out to another console, which is usually the PS3.

Thing is, none of it makes sense. First off, even if it's converted by sega it's still a product of Platinum games and outsourcing the conversion is still an act of the company so they should take full blame either way.

There is a higher PS3 user fan base out there in japan, yet they develop for the 360 first. And i believe we all know why this happened. Laziness. Pure and simple laziness.

It's no myth that the PS3 is harder to get a game optimized for it, so companies just do it the easy way and convert it out resulting in a real bad looking product. Nobody wants that, and people will catch on and eventually just stop buying the product.

Even if it's developed for the 360 first, they could've shown a little more effort into a port instead of trying to emphasize it wasn't them that handled it.

As lazy as it has been so far, i doubt they'd do anything special other than the localization process for the western version.

SaiyanFury3387d ago

I don't know, I downloaded the demo from the Japanese PS Store and it played well enough for me. I've not played the 360 demo, but since I rarely use my 360 I'll just stick to the PS3 version. Disagree all you like, but my PS3 is on about 93% of the time I'm in front of my home theatre. It really didn't seem that bad to me. It might not be a rock solid 60FPS or anything but it was very playable. And I don't care which version I have, Bayonetta sways her hips wonderfully in both. :)

Soldierone3387d ago

I dont agree (i didnt disagree button you though lol) because like stated developers should be held responsible for their products. It would be stupid to write a story then have no part in producing it. That and the whole EA Valve thing is a bad example. Valve completely ditched EA and said your on your own. EA wanted to patch the game but Valve never allowed them etc...Valve has no idea how a PS3 even works let alone making games for it, so they shouldnt even allow another company to port their games as they cant oversee it.

That and the frame rate and comparing this stupid little fact to that stupid little fact needs to stop. Your not going to notice a differnce unless you buy the game tw ice and play it at the same time, so just enjoy it.

gemc6663387d ago

i can live with that, i mean, it had been worse, right? (lost planet anyone?)

raztad3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

PG distance themselves from PS3 bayoneta and I follow their good example.

Without an up to quality PS3 version, game is gonna be an absolute commercial failure. I hope the xbox version sells at least the gold number == 1m copies, because the PS3 version will sell like crap.

Eddie201013387d ago

The difference between the two are not that big and the 360 version does not look that much better than the PS3 version. Even with the difference that game still looks and plays great on the PS3.

Lifendz3387d ago

If Sony exclusives weren't so good I might be upset. I guess I'll have to make do with the great games coming out.

TheBlackSmoke3387d ago

... People will go to the store and pick up the version of the console they play the most.

You guys really need to understand that video games sell from hundreds of thousands to millions of copies. The couple of thousand no lifers on gaming forums staring at screenshots trying to justify their console are insignificant in comaparison to the bigger picture.

Some good advertising and bayonneta will sell well on both consoles.

calis3387d ago

"If you've only got one console (like fanboys do)"

Wow, you are simply ignorant for many reasons.

1. Not everyone can afford more then one console
2. Not everyone has the time or desire to play more then one console.
3. Not everyone is a "true gamer"
4. True gamer is the most idiotic statement in video gaming history.

memots3387d ago

Isn't this game coming out on pc anyway ?

Ill play on my pc in 1920x1080 aa8/af16 thank you very much.

An ill play it with my 360 controller.

The way its meant to be played.

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TheHater3388d ago

It sad really. After all, this is their game and it does not matter who is porting it. If they knew they couldn't handle the PS3, why the hell did the decide to make it for the PS3 also? They should have just stick with it being a xbox 360 exclusive because all they are doing it embarrassing themselves by distancing themselves from the PS3 version. The sad part is, the PS3 version might end up outselling the xbox 360 version of the game.

thedisagreefairy3388d ago

so they could do the port themselves and make sure it oozes quality. ps3 only owners who want the game badly deserve that at least. waiting an extra 6 months after the 360 release would be fine if they did that.

IronAva3388d ago

Say you own a burger joint and you allow someone else to open the same burger shop across town. They have all the same ingredients but for some strange reason their burgers don't turn out the same. Should you take the fall for the other shops mishaps?

Johnny Rotten3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

if they're using the same wrapper then yes.

StanLee3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

It's different if your name, your brand is on the burger joint. I this case. Platinum Games is saying, we're not putting our name on this project.

TheHater3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

yes you should. They are using your name, you formula for the product, but not the same quality. You have no one to blame but yourself.

have to agree with thedisagreefairy. The should have made it time exclusive and work on the PS3 version after they are finish with the Xbox 360 version.

gemc6663387d ago

@Stanlee:It's different if your name, your brand is on the burger joint. I this case. Platinum Games is saying, we're not putting our name on this project.

but they are, is the first thing that appear on the game "PLATINUM GAMES" and it will be outside the box too

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Megaton3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

That's pretty lame. It's not like SEGA nefariously stole it from them so they could port it. They threw it to SEGA cause they didn't have the time/resources/skill to develop for the PS3. I was a pretty big fan of Hideki because of his previous works, but I'm really disappointed with him and his team for all of this mess with Bayonetta.

harshtruth3388d ago

that's hilarious... I bet the ps3 version puts out though

Godmars2903388d ago

Might as well say they didn't touch the original code.