Bayonetta: Bad Music, Pole Dancing and Stripping

Traffic Jam Ratings state: "...after playing the PS3 demo yesterday I cannot contain the disappointment I experienced with this game. Not because of the game mechanics or graphics but simply because of the main character, Bayonetta."

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Sarcasm3386d ago

Wow... out of all things to complain about.

koehler833386d ago

They sound like valid complaints to me. Some people just aren't keen on the distasteful.

myothercar3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

He doesn't like over the top sexuality, but over the top brutality and gore is absolutely wonderful (God of War 3)?

Yeah he's contradicting himself a little bit there...

Also, calling it a DMC ripoff is like calling Rock Band a Guitar Hero ripoff. It was made by the same person.

WildArmed3386d ago

lmfao. Since he knows he LOVES the gameplay, he dicided to b!tch about the main character.
Grow a pair.
Its like b!tching about Nero in DMC4.

jack_burt0n3386d ago

It will appeal to the palin fetishists for sure.

Noob3386d ago

The game is fun but the character is horrible. I think the presentation of the character makes it hard to take the game seriously. Perfect example of when trying to use sex appeal to sell a video game goes wrong.

thebudgetgamer3386d ago

heavenly sword did it perfect. nariko was a beautiful character but they didn't have to slut her up.

sikbeta3386d ago

shame on some members of this site comparing Bayonetta with Devil May Cry

paulie20833386d ago

its kind of funny you see a lady who grows 100 foot tall monsters out of her own hair to kill people and the first thing u describe as not believable is her feminine appeal.

thebudgetgamer3386d ago

especially with the last boss when he's trying to crawl away and then is eaten.

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