Top 5 game innovations this generation (for hardcore gamers) In a sea of mediocre videogames this generation, it's becoming a rarity for gamers to see something new or refreshing in the gaming industry. But truth to be told, there are some developers whose are pushing for innovation and to surprise gamers with new and unique features.

I think we must see more innovation in our games, as game developers does have more powerful consoles on their hands. As the title of this article indicates, this list is dedicated for hardcore gamers, so you will not see something like Wii Fit or Wii Play.

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hardcore19123482d ago

I will also add Banjo Kazooie nuts and bolt for the simple but addictive creating system.

GWAVE3482d ago

People forget that a "horde mode" was also a part of Resistance 2 in the co-op missions, except that it wasn't a separate mode. The game just threw a ton of enemies at you.

GameOn3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

I love gears but I hate how every one attributes the "Horde Mode" to it, this type of mode isn't new at all. AvP had it and I'm sure many more did also. It's not Horde it's survival.

My favourite innovation in Gears is the active reload.

Beast_Master3482d ago

Horde mode was like everything from Cliffy...Whored. In this case they tacked it on after they heard about R2 8 player co-op. Same thing with zombie boards in COD..tacked on after R2 annouced it's co-op plans.

hardcore19123482d ago

epic games were very focused about the horde mode, and i think they had announce the mode for gears 2 before R2 mention that mode. That's why people recognize this mode from gears 2.

militant073482d ago

i loved banjo kazooie, i completed it 1000/1000 and banjo kazooie classic too 200/200

it was epic banjo time, played them both at same time

cmrbe3482d ago

Its a simple case of when MS does it, it must be new even though its been done before.

Nikuma3482d ago

AvP had survival(horde) mode long ago...but gears gets recognized for it eh?

Tachyon_Nova3482d ago

How did Call of Duty bring in weapon unlocks? Many games before it had this, Battlefield 2 is an obvious example, and it was out a few years before CoD 4. Same goes for XP, how do you think you ranked up in that game (BF2)

I am not saying that BF2 brought in these features, I know they didn't, but it was the most obvious example I could think of.

mal_tez923482d ago

I've never seen that in an FPS before and it works so well. Does any other game have that?

DevastationEve3482d ago

Well Banjoe isn't a hardcore gamer's game, so that's why you're getting disagrees.

Hardcore games don't necessarily have to be all blood guns n guts, but that's where a lot of shooters come into play just naturally. And they're right, Horde mode in Gears of War 2 is an undeniable innovation that Epic brought this gen for hardcore gamers.

THIS GEN PEOPLE! KillSwitch don't count!

dirthurts3482d ago

was recognized for horde mode because they just did it so well. Sure other games had it, but they never did it this well. The never even caught my attention. Never liked survival modes. Horde mode really pulled me in when Gears did it. It just feels right with the game. And they balanced it very well. I wore that out when it first came out.
So it's not really who had it first, it's who made it work. That's the innovation.

zagibu3481d ago

You might be a bit confused there. Taking something that has already been done before countless times and making it work better/at all/perfectly is NOT called innovation, however you try to turn it.

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rucky3482d ago

I would like to vote Red Faction: Guerrilla's destruction-based gameplay

STICKzophrenic3482d ago

I haven't played either, but I thought Battlefield: Bad Company also had destructible environments.

ThanatosDMC3482d ago

Loved that missile tank. I completely agree with you.

socomnick3482d ago

Battlefields destruction was kinda weak. Red factions however was awesomness.

Steel Bended, walls actually blew up not the prerendered destruction in bad company.

ShabzS3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

ftmfw !!

GameOn3482d ago

That mode was around long before Gears.

ShabzS3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

yeah you wont hear any argument from me about that ... though that doesnt change the fact that horde still kicks ass

GameOn3482d ago

That I can agree with. Especially on double xp weekends when they alter it.

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immortal843482d ago

was innovative also. Anyways good list.

sikbeta3482d ago

it was great but you don't fool Gekkos

sikbeta3482d ago

Something Awesome for MGS4 would be a Gekko Hunter Mode

ThanatosDMC3482d ago

You could fool a Gecko. Just use face camo plus turn around so there one be any heat signatures from your hair. You could tell by turning on Solid Eye in NIV.

blizzard_cool3482d ago

Horde was fun as hell but are you sure it's innovative? But if innovative means done great then a lot more things should be on this list.

*whisper* ....Uncharted 2... *whisper*

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