Giant Bomb Preview: New Super Mario Wii: Sort Of Like A Modern SMB3

Giant Bomb:
Perhaps you've noticed, but I'm pretty excited there's more to New SMB Wii than it seemed back at E3. I had a sense there that the game was, well, the DS game with four-player action crammed in, but it's clear there's plenty of new mechanics and a wonderfully nostalgic vibe about this game. It looks great, too, with lots of little touches in the animation and special effects that give the game character. They're the sort of things that are hard to describe but instantly make sense when you see them. And you'll get your chance to do that when New Super Mario Bros. Wii ships on November 15.

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Smacktard3392d ago

"Allow me now to turn your world upside down, as mine was.

Ice flower. Ice flower.

I know, right? How did it take so long for them to come up with that? "

...What kind of moron gaming journalist has never played Super Mario Galaxy?