15 Disappointing Video Game Endings

You thought Game of Thrones' ending was disappointing? Try these video games!

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FalconofLucis98105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

MGS5s ending was underwhelming. That game was definitely not finished and needed more time in the oven.

The ending of AC3 was so annoying because they kept leading to this big overarching plot with Those Who Came Before and did nothing with it, they just kept it going when it should have reached a climax. It was clear to me they were going to milk the shit out of this franchise after this, when the main character of 6 games is killed off for no fxcking reason with no purpose whatsoever.

As for FFX I liked the ending, as for Tidus being a dream, its used interchangeably with the word summon. He was a summon and what happens when those summoners/fayth die? Well he'll cease to exist. I think it was just poor localisation they should have used the term aeon/summon rather than dream.

DillyDilly105d ago

Mass Effect 3 is probably the closest to GOT disappointment wise