.Detuned into PSN this October

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, ".Detuned has long been rumored to be on the horizon for a couple of weeks now but has always seemed to evade that Thursday release date. Well it looks like we may have found a release window thanks to Pulse, a free look at whats new and upcoming for the PSN."

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DoucheVader3298d ago

Could be very amusing though.

dopeboimagic923298d ago

Oh wow! Great find, guys. I still have to listen to the latest episode of Pulse...

Can't wait for the easy Trophies ;)

Lifewish3298d ago

game def. looks interesting, especially since you can use your own music

Godmars2903298d ago

Don't think a joint is going to do it for this one...

Fulensenca3298d ago

I can' t wait to try it :D

Long life to bizzare stuff.