IGN- SAW: The Videogame Review

"It would have taken a lot more polish and time to put Saw up there with the kings of the survival horror genre. But the developers are definitely onto something, and I'd like to see the Saw games improve over time. For now, some of the puzzles repeat a few times too many while the plot points and big scares at times run thin. The game would have been much more exciting had there been a tad more variety, or less filler. Overall, Saw is a welcome entry in the horror genre that provides a good dosage of thrills. Depending on your tolerance for repetition, it's a good way to test your nerves and scare yourself silly during a dark and stormy night."

Presentation - 8.0
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 8.0
Gameplay - 7.0
Lasting Appeal - 7.0


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WildArmed3478d ago

read a review saying the gfx were awesome. I guess their standard of gfx was low


Terrible movies and terrible game.7.5? 5.7 maybe.......
Generous score for a generic score I guess.Asking,who likes this criminal nonsense?

LeonSKennedy4Life3478d ago

Not a terrible score!

I'm actually enjoying this game quite a bit. It may be somewhat easy for some of you...but if you're a fan of the movies, you'll love this game. It's basically like you're playing through another Saw movie...twists, well-written dialogue, and everything.

Definitely worth the buy for a Saw fan.

playstation1233478d ago

Ill probably rent this too many games on my list this holiday to buy

saimcheeda3478d ago

have spoilers for this game? i wanna know the plot and ending, but dont wanna buy the game!

LeonSKennedy4Life3478d ago

Black dude goes through some junk.

Some guy won't stop messaging me when I'm in the middle of a timed puzzle...and I screw up.

I don't remember much after that.

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