Uncharted 2: The Cinema Experience

PlayStation LifeStyle write: "Naughty Dog and Sony came together and put on an event in a cinematic fashion. Those of us lucky enough to attend were not disappointed. The opportunity to see and hear Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on such a grand scale was fitting for this blockbuster of a series.

Registration began at 5:30 with the event was scheduled to begin at 6 and no one wants to have hungry gamers, so a buffet was set up for the attendees. A literal cornucopia of mini-burgers, mini-hot dogs, fried chicken, salad, cookies, cake, cheesecake, and drinks. Naughty Dog and Sony went all out to make sure their fans bellies were satisfied."

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JonnyBigBoss3481d ago

Awesome article for an awesome event. Grats on the free game.

DoucheVader3481d ago

Everyone got free copies of the game?!?!?!? :P

Man I am so peeved this wasn't near my town.

dopeboimagic923481d ago

The official forums were spoilers galore! Gonna have to go on a media blackout before this game releases.

ftwrthtx3481d ago

Not everyone got a free game. We could each bring one person and that person didn't get a copy. Only the ticketed person got a copy.

p.s. I have already beat the game on hard and I am about half way on crushing.

Awesome Game!