NMGB - ModNation Racers Preview: Hands on with the Developer

NoMoreGameBlogs recently got a full rundown on the PS3 exclusive and all of it's features from the game's producer, Dan Sochan.

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thegreatest78843301d ago

The customization in this game is just phenomenal. I thought it looked dumb at first but I am starting to get anxious to try it out. Thanks for the info!

nomoregameblogs3301d ago

To be honest, I was the same way. When it was first unveiled at E3 I wasn't so sure, but when you really see what they are doing it is astounding. Can't for ModNation Racers now!

Ps_alm3k3301d ago

think of all your favorite playstation character..................ok

now picture them driving....................... yes yes yes!!! muahhahahahahahaha!!!!

Ravage273301d ago

omg, Q1 next year is going to be INSANE! GOW3,GT5,WKC,MAG,HEAVY RAIN, MODNATIONRACERS,FF13,SO4....