Guide to Blocking and Shield Powers in Champions Online

Michael Hartman writes: "One of the key features of combat in Champions Online is the use of the block key (shift). It is important for avoiding strong attacks and status effect. There are also a number of shield powers that enhance the block ability. This article examines them all.

Similar to blocking in fighting games, the block mechanic is Champions Online is a single key press (shift by default) that puts you in block mode when held. While in block mode, you absorb significant amounts of damage, can avoid status effects, and (depending on your stance) regenerate additional energy when attacked.

Every character can use standard block by default. It is shown in the first button in the first hotkey bar. There are a number of shield type powers you can learn that replace your standard block, and enhance your blocking ability both in defensiveness and by adding some nifty special effects."

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Glamis3296d ago

WOW! Amazing guide.

I knew blocking was important in CO, but I had no idea.

The pictures of the different shields are great too.

jpymai3296d ago

You've got amazing detail in this, really puts things into perspective. Thanks for the guide!