The squandered potential of MMOs

When they first arrived on the scene, MMOs looked like they would redefine the concept of gaming. The idea of virtual worlds where people could be someone else, experiment with different personality types, and experience unique interactions with excited both gamers and academics.

10 years later, MMOs have become pale cousins of their MUD ancestors. Modern MMOs feel and play only a little bit different from their single player counterparts - there are just more people around and a $15 a month fee.

What happened?

This article gets at the history of MMOs and looks into how the "virtual world" part was forgotten.

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Glamis5395d ago

This issue needs to get more attention. MMOs looked like they would be an amazing genre back in the days of Meridian 59, Ultima Online, and even popular muds like Threshold ( http://www.thresholdrpg.com...

But now they are just a bunch of level treadmill grinders. It really is disappointing.

Muckbeast5395d ago

It really is a shame.

Maybe SW:TOR can start to reverse the trend.

Personally I am hoping out my hope with Primordiax ( http://www.primordiax.com)

Panthers5395d ago

SW:TOR will make story the central theme to their MMO which is what will make it amazing. I mean I hate RPGs with little to no story. I am playing WOW right now, and the game has practically no story.

whengeeksgobad5395d ago

Yeah, I totally agree. I mean, who even plays WoW?

*rolls eyes*

Sibs5395d ago

Nobody really enjoys it though...

Muckbeast5395d ago

Popularity != Quality. AOL, McDonalds, etc.

Despite the fun value of WoW, the point in the article still stands.

WoW is not functionally different from a single player RPG with an enormous amount of content and good multiplayer. The whole virtual world concept is gone.

Re-read the article and you'll understand this isn't about trashing WoW or saying MMOs are not popular or fun.

djfullshred5395d ago

I'll never be a MMO type of game player. I really don't care about open ended exploration, and virtual interaction with other people.

what appeals to me with video games is the same thing that always has...playing against the challenge that a clever programmer created, and beating the game. That is why I'll always look for the best single player games that come out, and buy those.

jpymai5394d ago

I just don't want to quest grind anymore :(


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