FIFA 10 PS3 vs. Xbox 360: Barca and ManU players in comparison

Videogameszone is showing a screenshot comparison of FIFA 10 players from PS3 and Xbox 360 version. Nearly no differences between both versions.

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tatotiburon4402d ago

they should take the pics from the same side of the stadium, the side with the sun in front.

hay4402d ago

Yup, right now they just look different.

rjguess4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

Of course they will look the same when Microsoft runs the show with games because of that BIG hand full of money. I want Money thats what I want oh ..... I have Money that what I have. If you dont make it look the same I'll be forced to pay up!!!!

randomwiz4402d ago

ps3 360 look similar, while pc gamers are being discriminated against... oh well, i dont know many people who buy fifa for a pc anyway.

badz1494402d ago

PES on PC looks and feels exactly like it's console counterpart but with FIFA, it feels like a different game! I have FIFA 09 for PC and PS3 but I love the PS3 version a lot more eventhough I have it on the max setup 1080p! FIFA on PC just feels wrong, it's like the game is destined and built solely for consoles!

topdawg1224402d ago

Both look good, I'm gettin it for ps3 anyways. Ready to own online!

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